Tyrel Griffith

Tyrel James "Ty" Griffith[1] (born December 22, 1985) is a Canadian curler from Kelowna, British Columbia.[2] He currently throws second stones for the Jim Cotter team.

Tyrel Griffith
Born (1985-12-22) December 22, 1985
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Curling clubKelowna CC,
Kelowna, BC
SkipJim Cotter
ThirdSteve Laycock
SecondTyrel Griffith
LeadRick Sawatsky
Mixed doubles
Nancy Martin
Brier appearances6 (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019)
Top CTRS ranking8th (2013–14 & 2016–17)
Grand Slam victories1 (2017 Elite 10)

Personal life

Griffith was born in Calgary. He is employed as a Canada golf operations manager/PGA of Canada[3] Golf professional[4] at the Black Mountain Golf Club.[5]


2009-10Tyrel GriffithDarren NelsonBrad WoodDarin Gerow
2010-11Tyrel GriffithDarren NelsonBrad WoodDarin Gerow
2011-12Jim CotterKevin FolkTyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky
2012-13Jim CotterJason GunnlaugsonTyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky
2013-14Jim Cotter (fourth)John Morris (skip)Tyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky
2014-15Jim CotterRyan KuhnTyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky
2015-16Jim CotterRyan KuhnTyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky
2016-17Jim Cotter (fourth)John Morris (skip)Tyrel GriffithRick Sawatsky


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