Type 0891A training ship

Type 0891A Shichang (82) with NATO reporting name as Shichang class is China's first aviation ship.[4] It primarily serves as a training ship, helicopter launch vehicle, and medical treatment facility in the People's Liberation Army Navy. The ship is named after Deng Shichang, a Qing dynasty naval captain who died in the Battle of the Yalu River (1894) during the First Sino-Japanese War.

Name: Shichang
Namesake: Deng Shichang
Builder: Quixin Shipyard, Shanghai[1]
Completed: 28 December 1996[1]
Commissioned: January 1997[2]
Status: In service as of 2011
Notes: Pennant number : 82
General characteristics
Displacement: 9,500 long tons (9,700 t) (full)[3]
Length: 125 m (410 ft)[3]
Beam: 19 m (62 ft)[3]
Draught: 10.6 m (35 ft)[3]
Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts[3]
Speed: 17.5 knots (32.4 km/h; 20.1 mph)[3]
Capacity: Up to 300 TEU as logistics ship[3]
Complement: 200 (including cadets)[3]
Aviation facilities: Aft helicopter deck; space for 2 to 4 Harbin Zhi-9A helicopters[2]

Experience during drills and war games revealed the lack of shipboard armaments makes Shichang inadequate for training weaponry operating crews. However, the ship provides sufficient training for all other crew functions. The layout of the ship is very similar to that of RFA Argus (A135), emphasizing helicopter training ship and helicopter support ship missions.

The modular design of the ship incorporates containerized modules used to expand its mission. More trainees can be accommodated with additional housing and training containers, or medical capability can be rapidly improved by addition of a containerized field hospital.


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