Type 074A landing ship

Type 074A landing ship medium with NATO reporting name Yubei class is a new member of Type 74 series LSM, it is unique in that it is catamaran hull design.[1] More than ten are in service by mid 2015, and this ship is the first LSM in PLAN to incorporate infrared stealth feature in that the exhaust is near waterline. A speedboat launching / recovering facility is also added. Type 74A LSM can carry 3 Type 96 or Type 59 tanks, or 6 Type 63 (tank)s, plus a platoon of 70 fully equipped troops, or 250 fully equipped troops.[1]

Class overview
Name: Type 074A Landing ship medium
Operators:  People's Liberation Army Navy
Preceded by: Type 074
General characteristics
Class and type: Yubei class
Type: Landing Ship Medium
Displacement: 650 t standard, 800 t full
Length: 58.4 m
Beam: 19.4. m
Draft: 2.7 m
Propulsion: two diesel engines @ 4900 hp each
Speed: 18 kn max
Range: 1000 nmi @ 18 kn
Endurance: 15 days
Capacity: 200t
Complement: 250 fully armed troops
Crew: 56
Armament: 2 Type 61 25mm AAA guns


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