Tychonoff plank

In topology, the Tychonoff plank is a topological space defined using ordinal spaces that is a counterexample to several plausible-sounding conjectures. It is defined as the topological product of the two ordinal spaces and , where is the first infinite ordinal and the first uncountable ordinal. The deleted Tychonoff plank is obtained by deleting the point .


The Tychonoff plank is a compact Hausdorff space and is therefore a normal space. However, the deleted Tychonoff plank is non-normal. Therefore the Tychonoff plank is not completely normal. This shows that a subspace of a normal space need not be normal. The Tychonoff plank is not perfectly normal because it is not a Gδ space: the singleton is closed but not a Gδ set.


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