Two in the Wave

Two in the Wave (French: Deux de la Vague) is a 2010 French documentary film directed by Emmanuel Laurent.[1] The film depicts the friendship between French directors François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.[2]

Two in the Wave
Film poster
Directed byEmmanuel Laurent
Produced byEmmanuel Laurent
Narrated byAntoine de Baecque
CinematographyEtienne de Grammont
Nick de Pencier
Edited byMarie-France Cuénot
Release date
  • 2 February 2010 (2010-02-02) (IFFR)
Running time
91 minutes
LanguageFrench and English


The film investigates the fruitful and turbulent relationship between the two influential French New Wave directors. The film focuses the success of The 400 Blows and Breathless, the role of Jean-Pierre Léaud in both Truffaut and Godard's films, and the directors' fascination with American film. Two in the Wave ends with the 1973 incident between Godard and Truffaut; Godard wrote a letter to Truffaut criticizing his Oscar-winning film Day for Night. Truffaut responded to the attack by writing a 20-page letter to Godard.[3] The film is narrated by Antoine de Baecque, Truffaut biographer and former Cahiers du Cinéma editor.[4]


The film have received mixed[5] to positive reviews from critics.[6]

It has earned a 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[7]

It was released on DVD by Kino Lorber[8] on February 22, 2011.[9][10]


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