Two Sons of Ringo

Two Sons of Ringo (Italian: I due figli di Ringo) is a 1966 Italian western-parody film. It was the last film directed by Giorgio Simonelli who, for health reasons, left the production just before the end of filming and was replaced by Giuliano Carnimeo.[1]

Two Sons of Ringo
Directed byGiorgio Simonelli
Giuliano Carnimeo
Produced byLeo Cevenini
Vittorio Martino
Written byDino Verde
Marcello Ciorciolini
Roberto Gianviti
Amedeo Sollazzo
StarringFranco Franchi
Ciccio Ingrassia
Gloria Paul
Music byPiero Umiliani
CinematographyTino Santoni
Release date
  • 1966 (1966)
Running time
105 minutes

Plot summary

Franco and Ciccio leave Agrigento, in Sicily, to search of their fortune in the American West. In the land of cowboys and dueling weapons, they pretend to be skilled thieves and gunmen under the names Django and Gringo. When they meet a big shot, Franco and Ciccio are forced to live their roles and pretend to be the children of the great gunslinger Ringo.



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