Two Hearts in Waltz Time (1934 film)

Two Hearts in Waltz Time is a 1934 British musical romance film directed by Carmine Gallone and Joe May and starring Carl Brisson, Frances Day, Bert Coote and Roland Culver. A composer falls in love with the star of an opera company.[1] The music is by Robert Stolz, originally written for a German version in 1930.

Two Hearts in Waltz Time
Frances Day and Carl Brisson
Directed byCarmine Gallone
Joe May
Produced byReginald Fogwell
Written byReginald Fogwell
John McNally
Walter Reisch
Franz Schulz
StarringCarl Brisson
Frances Day
Music byRobert Stolz
CinematographyGeoffrey Faithfull
Reginald Fogwell Productions
Nettlefold Studios
Distributed byGaumont British Distributors
Release date
April 1934
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

It was made at Nettlefold Studios.[2] The film's sets were designed by the art director Andrew Mazzei.




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