Two Guys Abroad

Two Guys Abroad is a British film that was made in 1962 but was never released.[1]

Two Guys Abroad
Directed byDon Sharp
Produced byIan Warren
StarringGeorge Raft
Maxie Rosenbloom
Diana Decker
Diane Todd
Summit Films
Release date
1962 (intended)
CountryUnited Kingdom

It was intended as a pilot for a TV series or as a B movie. Neither eventuated.[2]


A pair of Piccadilly Club owners continually get in trouble.


  • George Raft
  • Maxie Rosembloom
  • Diane Todd
  • Diana Decker
  • David Lawton
  • Barbara Lashbrook


The film was shot at Shepperton Studios in March 1962.[3] George Raft and Maxie Rosembloom were old friends; Raft even once owned a share in Rosembloom when the latter was a boxer.[4]

Director Don Sharp later recalled "at the time there was a fashion for these 'products'. They were made for a double purpose: as a pilot episode for a TV series; if that failed, for release as a B movie supporting the main feature. Very few of them even made the grade."[2]

Sharp says he "got on very well with George - the complete Hollywood pro. He was amiable, always ribbing Maxie; constantly doing his coin-flipping act; and likely at any moment to break into a few dance steps - for no particular reason. There is a photo of me and my camera operator on the camera dolly with George doing the grip's job and pushing it because, he said, he always wanted a real job."[2]


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