Two Cities Films

Two Cities Films was a British film production company. Formed in 1937, it was originally envisaged as a production company operating in the two cities of London and Rome which gave the company its name.

The driving forces behind the company was the flamboyant, Italian-born Filippo Del Giudice and his partner the multitalented Mario Zampi born in Sora, Italy who often worked in the dual role of director and producer. Two Cities produced a number of 'quintessentially English' film classics including the most popular British film from the wartime period, In Which We Serve (1942). Other Two Cities films such as This Happy Breed (1944), The Way Ahead (1944), Henry V (1944), The Way to the Stars (1945), and Blithe Spirit (1945) contributed significantly to the high critical reputation acquired by the British cinema of the time.

In the mid-1940s Two Cities became part of the Rank Organisation producing key films such as Odd Man Out (1947), Hamlet (1948), and Vice Versa (1948).

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