tvOne (Indonesia)

tvOne is an Indonesian free-to-air television channel based in East Jakarta. It used to be known as Lativi, but changed its name after an ownership swap in February 2008. tvOne is owned by and Visi Media Asia.

Launched30 July 2002 (2002-07-30) (as Lativi)
14 February 2008 (2008-02-14) (as tvOne)
Owned byVisi Media Asia[1]
SloganMemang Beda (Truly Different)
Terdepan Mengabarkan (Leading to Report)
Kami Kabarkan, Anda Putuskan (We Report, You Decide) (during regional/national election)
Headquarters2 Jl. Rawa Terate II Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung, Jakarta 13260, Indonesia
Formerly calledLativi
Sister channel(s)ANTV
WebsiteOfficial website
Bandung48 UHF
Banjarmasin26 UHF
Cirebon52 UHF
Denpasar41 UHF
Garut48 UHF
Jakarta53 UHF
Kediri52 UHF
Makasar47 UHF
Malang28 UHF
Medan37 UHF
Padang27 UHF
Palembang40 UHF
Purwokerto32 UHF
Karanganyar38 UHF
Samarinda39 UHF
Semarang39 UHF
Surabaya52 UHF
Surakarta38 UHF
Tegal49 UHF
Yogyakarta38 UHF
TelkomVisionChannel 28
Aora TVChannel 902
IndovisionChannel 93
Channel 149
First MediaChannel 3
TelkomVisionChannel 178
IndosatM2Channel 138
Streaming media
VIVAWatch live
iflixWatch live (Indonesia only)

The channel was launched as a test broadcast on 17 January 2002 at 4:00 PM local time, and was officially launched on 30 July 2002 at 7:00 PM. The final transmission and broadcast aired on 14 February 2008 at 19:30 WIB. The network was then sold by Abdul Latief and the new owners changed the name from Lativi to tvOne.


As Lativi

As part of the boom in national television stations in the 2000s, Lativi was one of five new terrestrial television networks which were granted a license to broadcast nationwide in Indonesia. It was initially owned by Abdul Latief, previously Minister of Labor and also a famous businessman.

After Lativi bankruptcy

By 2007, ownership of the network was transferred to Aburizal Bakrie and Erick Thohir (as president director) due to debt and poor network management.

Then the husband and wife team of Divi Lukmansyah and Nane Nindya anchored the first newscast. The television network officially started broadcasting on-air as tvOne on 14 February 2008 at 7:30PM local time. It was opened by the then President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta. Anindya Bakrie (the son of Aburizal Bakrie) was named the Chief Commissioner and Erick Thohir as the President Director.

TV One was the second Indonesian television channel to be officially inaugurated by the President of Indonesia himself.

Domestic and international network

tvOne had a domestic and international network in:

Current programming

tvOne broadcasts a mixture of news and sports. The network is now more targeted towards A and B socio-economic groups. Currently, tvOne broadcasts general news and current affairs programming during the daily schedule and some sports and live events programming during afternoons and some evening and weekend timeslots. Aside from its daily news bulletins, tvOne broadcasts a three-minute news summary every hour outside its bulletins and live breaking news. Since 2008, tvOne has successfully maintained its position as the country's #1 TV news channel. Significant daily events are presented in “Breaking News” which has become a leading reference for viewers throughout the country.[3] During the legislative elections and also the Presidential and Vice Presidential election debates, tvOne generally ranks as the #1 news channel, beating the general entertainment channels.[4]

News One

  • Kabar Pagi - A two-hour morning news bulletin at 04:30 WIB with daily national and international news reports.
  • Kabar Siang - A two-hour lunchtime news bulletin at 11:00 WIB with Indonesian and international news events and reports.
  • Kabar Pasar - A 30-minute business news bulletin at 09:30 & 14:00 WIB. Kabar Pasar shows all the latest information from the world of business and finance.
  • Ragam Perkara - A 30-minute crime news bulletin at 10:30 WIB on Monday to Friday.
  • Kabar Pilihan - A 60-minute afternoon news bulletin at 14:30 WIB with the latest news and top stories from around the world and Indonesia, as chosen by the viewers themselves.
  • Kabar Petang - A two-hour evening news bulletin at 16:30 WIB with news dialogues and top stories from around the world and Indonesia. During this program, news from other regions within Indonesia is shown by regional newsrooms in four regions (Medan, Surabaya, Banjarmasin and Ujungpandang). Ends at 18:30 (except before Liga 2).
  • Kabar Utama - This is one of the channel's two late-night news bulletins. It airs at 21:00 WIB with daily national and international news reports.
  • Kabar Hari Ini - This is one of the channel's two late-night news bulletins. It airs at 22:30 WIB, summarising all of the top stories across Indonesia and other areas from the previous twenty-four hours (WIB time). On Tuesdays, it is aired after Indonesia Lawyers Club.
  • Kabar Arena - A 30-minute sports news bulletin at 08:00 WIB and 23:30 WIB. Kabar Arena shows all the latest information in the world of sports, from Indonesia and around the world.

Talkshow One

  • Apa Kabar Indonesia Pagi - A 90-minute morning talkshow at 06:30 WIB, based on the latest and ongoing news topics and events in Indonesia and around the world. This program is broadcast live from Wisma Nusantara, Central Jakarta and Epicentrum Walk, South Jakarta.
  • Coffee Break - A 60-minute talkshow, formerly part of an extended hour from Apa Kabar Indonesia, at 09:30 WIB, live from the ground floor of Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta. This program show product advertising.
  • Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam - A 60-minute early-evening talkshow at 18:30 WIB with news and interactive discussions. This program brings all the latest daily news from Indonesia and worldwide, followed by an interactive talkshow with several hot news topics of the day.
  • Indonesia Lawyers Club - A live, 3-hour talkshow at 20:00 WIB on Tuesdays, hosted by Karni Ilyas, based on the latest issues happening in Indonesia, with a congregation of lawyers and parliament members from Indonesia sharing their opinions and analysis. ILC was awarded as the Best Talkshow Program at the Panasonic Gobel Awards in 2013 and 2014.[5]
  • Ayo Hidup Sehat - A 60-minute health program. It airs every weekday afternoon at 13:00 WIB, with discussions and information on health and wellness.
  • Indonesia Business Forum - Airs every Thursday at 20:00 WIB,
  • Fakta - Airs every Monday at 20:00 WIB.
  • Dua Sisi - Airs every Wednesday at 20:00 WIB.
  • E-Talkshow - Airs every Friday at 20:00 WIB.

Sport One

Licensed from Fox Sports :

Reality One

  • Damai Indonesiaku
  • Menyingkap Tabir
  • Telusur



  • Alfath Tauhid
  • Aryo Widiardi
  • Bagus Priambodo
  • Bayu Andrianto
  • Brigita Manohara
  • Chacha Annissa
  • Divi Lukmansyah
  • Dwi Anggia
  • Gloria Anastasia (ex-news anchor Kompas TV)
  • Indy Rahmawati (ex-news anchor Liputan 6 SCTV)
  • Ken Anne (ex-news anchor Kompas TV)
  • Muhammad Rizky (ex-news anchor Trans TV)
  • Paramitha Soemantri
  • Prima Alvernia
  • Putri Violla
  • Seera Safira
  • Shinta Puspitasari
  • Shinta Samsul Arief
  • Stephanie Susanto
  • Yaumi Fitri
  • Indiarto Priadi(ex-news anchor Liputan 6 SCTV)
  • Rendra Kusuma
  • Kamaratih Kusuma


  • Florentia Anindita
  • Winda Irawan
  • Abraham Silaban
  • Diaz Kaslina
  • Elvira Khairunissa
  • Alfito Deannova (ex-news anchor Liputan 6 SCTV)
  • Mascarana
  • Panji Himawan
  • Suli Kusumo
  • Bonardo Aritonang (ex-news anchor Liputan Pagi O Channel)
  • Choky Sitohang
  • Sutra Karmelia
  • Tina Talisa
  • Andrie Djarot
  • Indiarto Priadi (ex-news anchor Liputan 6 SCTV)
  • Grace Natalie
  • Harya Digdaya
  • Astrid Katherene
  • Atika Sunarya


In late 2006, the station was involved in a controversy regarding a nine-year-old boy who died after suffering injuries while allegedly trying to imitate the staged moves of performers on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! The station decided to pull the show and all other WWE programs following public outcry.[12] Authorities, however, downplayed connections between wrestling and the death of the boy. The chief of the Bandung Crime and Detective Unit said at a press conference that there was no reason to believe that the child's death had anything to do with watching wrestling.[13]

List of managing directors

# Name Initial position End of term
1 Usman Ja'far 2002 2003
2 Hasyim Sumiana 2003 2006
3 Meidiana Latief 2006 2007
4 Erick Thohir 2007 2010
5 Ardiansyah Bakrie 2010 2017
6 Ahmad R. Widarmana 2017 present


  • Saluran Penuh Nilai dan Makna (The Channel that is Full of Value and Meaning) (2002-2004)
  • Pasti (Certainly) (2004-2006)
  • Berani Beda (Dare to be Different) (2006-2008)
  • Terdepan Mengabarkan (Leading to Report) (14 February 2010 – present)
  • Menuju Satu Dunia (Towards to the One World) (2011-2012)
  • Memang Beda (Truly Different) (2008 – present)
  • Kami Kabarkan Anda Putuskan (We Report, You Decide) (regional/national election edition) (2009–present)

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