Turkish basketball league system

The Turkish basketball league system or Turkish basketball league pyramid, is a series of interconnected competitions for professional basketball clubs in Turkey. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and demotion system between competitions at different levels. There are currently five different competitions on the pyramid: the 1st-tier Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL), the 2nd-tier Turkish Basketball First League (TBL), the 3rd-tier Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L), the 4th-tier Turkish Men's Regional Basketball League (EBBL), and the 5th-tier Men's University League (Ünilig).

The tier pyramid

Level League
1 Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball League (TBL))
National 1st Division
(16 teams)
Turkish Basketball Championship (1946–1966) (Defunct)
2 Turkish Basketball First League (TBL)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L))
National 2nd Division
(18 teams)
3 Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball Third League (TB3L))
National 3rd Division
(24 teams in two 12 team groups)
4 Turkish Men's Regional Basketball League (EBBL)
National 4th Division
5 Men's University League (Ünilig)
National 5th Division

Other competitions

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