Turkish Women's Basketball Presidential Cup

The Turkish Women's Basketball Presidential Cup (Turkish: Kadınlar Cumhurbaşkanlığı Kupası), or Turkish Women's Basketball Super Cup, is the professional basketball women's club super cup competition that takes place each year in Turkey. It usually takes place between the winners of the Turkish Women's Super League and the winners of the Turkish Cup. If the same team wins both the Turkish League and the Turkish Cup in the same season, then the competition takes place between the two league finalists from the Turkish League.

Turkish Presidential Cup
Inaugural season1993
Country Turkey
Most recent
Fenerbahçe (12nd title)
Most titlesFenerbahçe (12 titles)
Turkish Super League
Turkish Cup
Official websitetbf.org.tr


Year Winners
1993 Galatasaray
1994 Galatasaray
1995 Galatasaray
1996 Galatasaray
1997 Galatasaray
1998 Galatasaray
1999 Fenerbahçe
2000 Fenerbahçe
2001 Fenerbahçe
2002 Botaş
2003 Botaş
2004 Fenerbahçe
2005 Fenerbahçe
2006 Beşiktaş
2007 Fenerbahçe
2008 Galatasaray
2009 Mersin BB
2010 Fenerbahçe
2011 Galatasaray Medical Park
2012 Fenerbahçe
2013 Fenerbahçe
2014 Fenerbahçe
2015 Fenerbahçe
2016 Hatay BB
2017 Near East University
2018 Hatay BB
2019 Fenerbahçe

Source: [1]

Performance by club

Club Titles
Fenerbahçe 12
Galatasaray 8
Botaş 2
Hatay Büyükşehir Belediyespor 2
Beşiktaş 1
Mersin Büyükşehir Belediyespor 1
Near East University 1

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