Turkey at the Mediterranean Games

Turkey participated in all editions of the Mediterranean Games since its establishment in 1951.

Turkey at the
Mediterranean Games
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Mediterranean Games appearances (overview)

As of 2013, Turkish athletes have won a total of 767 medals, divided into 310 golds, 217 silvers and 240 bronzes. Turkey ranks so at third place following Italy and France.

Medal table history

Games Country Rank Gold Silver Bronze Total
1951 Alexandria Egypt4103720
1955 Barcelona Spain583314
1959 Beirut Lebanon3138122
1963 Naples Italy2103417
1967 Tunis Tunisia499624
1971 Izmir Turkey418121545
1975 Algiers Algeria51211831
1979 Split Yugoslavia6551424
1983 Casablanca Morocco51251431
1987 Latakia Syria7892239
1991 Athens Greece323111246
1993 Languedoc/Roussillon France334201064
1997 Bari Italy328162165
2001 Tunis Tunisia333161261
2005 Almeria Spain420242973
2009 Pescara Italy420192665
2013 Mersin Turkey2474336126
2018 Tarragona Spain331253995


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