Tumansky M-88

The Tumansky M-88 was an air-cooled radial engine for aircraft developed in the Soviet Union shortly before World War II.

Type Radial aero engine
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Tumansky
First run 1939
Developed from Tumansky M-87

Design and development

The M-88 was designed to address the shortcomings of the Tumansky M-87. The improvements incorporated in the M-88 were a strengthened crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods, waffle ribbing at the piston bottom and a two speed geared centrifugal supercharger. The M-88 retained the same bore/stroke and displacement as the M-87 while increasing power to 1,000 - 1,150 hp. Design work began in 1937 and by 1939 the first prototypes were being flight tested in the Polikarpov I-180 fighter prototypes. At first the M-88 was not a success, but the designers persisted and the M-88 was made into a reliable and widely produced engine. There were a number of different variants with the most numerous being the M-88B, of which 10,585 were produced at Zaporozhye and Omsk. The M-88B solved most of the mechanical failures associated with the M-87 and early M-88's by including oil injectors in the crankshaft, improved cooling and strengthened drive components. 16,087 M-88's were produced.

In hindsight, the Tumansky family of engines developed from the Gnome-Rhône 9K and Gnome-Rhône 14K were far less successful than the Shvetsov family of engines developed from the Wright R-1820.


Specifications (Tumansky M-88B)

General characteristics

  • Type: 14-cylinder twin-row air-cooled radial engine
  • Bore: 146 mm (5.75 in)
  • Stroke: 165 mm (6.50 in)
  • Displacement: 38.72 L (2,363 cu in)
  • Dry weight: 684 kg (1,508 lb)


  • Supercharger: Two-speed, geared centrifugal
  • Cooling system: air-cooled


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