TSNIITOCHMASH (Russian: ЦНИИТОЧМАШ) is a Russian industrial design bureau. TSNIITOCHMASH is a major designer and producer of weapons for the Russian military and MVD Internal Troops. The name is an initialism for Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (Центральный научно-исследовательский институт точного машиностроения).

Public corporation
IndustryDefense industry
Founded1944 (1944)
ProductsFirearms, Ammunition, ATGMs, Self-propelled artillery, Mortar carriers, Military vehicles

TSNIITOCHMASH determines the development of and develops small arms and simulators for them, individual field equipment, conducts R&D on control systems for precision-guided munitions (as well as protection against them), field artillery systems and new materials. It also develops most cartridges, from small arms up to 14.5×114mm, for the Russian Army.

Military products



  • State Demonstration-Test Center - SDTC
  • Ordnance upgrade program for 120mm self-propelled Mortars - Nona-SVK, and 2S31 Vena

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