Trupti Bhoir

Trupti Bhoir is a Marathi actress.[1] She has worked in many Marathi movies and television serials. She is famous for the role of Najuka in the movie Agadbam. Trupti has always been comfortable with comedy as well as serious types of roles.

Trupti Bhoir
Born (1980-05-17) 17 May 1980
OccupationActress, Film Producer
Years active2000–present

Early life and education


Marathi actress Trupti Bhoir is not a new name to the Marathi theatre and film industry. As an actress she has already made a mark, be it on stage, television or films. Young and ambitious Trupti who hails from Mumbai, was a part of theatre before entering the mainstream cinema. Her journey began with stage followed by TV serials and films. While in college, she took part in drama competitions and also learned classical dance. This came to her advantage, while venturing into this field.

Trupti has already won state-level awards for best acting, during her college days. Super hit Drama Sahi Re Sahi was her first break in professional Marathi theatre. Three years since then Trupti has been a part of this industry and she has done films like Ishya, Ovalte Bhauraya, Tujhya Majhya Sansarala..., and Paulkhuna, while her television serials include the famous Vadalvaat and Char Divas Sasuche.

Trupti always tries to do experiments with the characters she plays.[2] In the movie Agadbam she played role of the overweight girl Najuka. Touring Talkies: The film throws light on the culture of touring talkies – film screenings inside tents (tamboo), which is slowly dying. Chandi’s touring talkies is one of the rare ones still surviving in Maharashtra. She and her brother Babya (Chinmay Sant) take great pride in showing films in their tent, which has been their family business since decades.

On Rajyasabha TV she was interviewed in the show Guftgoo with Trupti Bhoir. She explained how Touring Talkies is part of Indian Culture and why we should save it. Her film Touring Talkies was shortlisted along with 290 other films in the first round of eligibility for the Best Picture category of the Academy Awards.[3]


As an actor

Year Films Director Producer Role
2018 Maza Agadbam Najuka
2013 Touring Talkies Gajendra Ahire Trupti Bhoir Chandi
2012 Uchala Re Uchala Yashwant Chaughule, Amol Bhave Yashwant Chaughule Kamini
2011 Hello Jai Hind Gajendra Ahire Trupti Bhoir Durga
2010 Agadbam Satish Motling Trupti Bhoir Najuka
2008 Tujhya Majhya Sansarala Aani Kaay Hav Satish Motling Trupti Bhoir
2000 Bagh Haat Dakhavan Vishal Bahandari Pradeep Garg

As a Film Producer

  1. Touring Talkies
  2. Hello Jai Hind
  3. Tujhya Majhya Sansarala Aani Kaay Hav
  4. Agadbam
  5. Majha Agadbam


  1. Char Divas Sasuche
  2. Vadalvaat


  1. Indrakshi (Sahyadri Production)
  2. Sahi Re Sahi


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