Trouble in Sundown

Trouble in Sundown is a 1939 American western film directed by David Howard, using a screenplay by Oliver Drake, Dorrell McGowan and Stuart McGowan, based on a story by Charles F. Royal.

Trouble in Sundown
Directed byDavid Howard
Sam Ruman (assistant)
Produced byBert Gilroy
Screenplay byOliver Drake
Dorrell McGowan
Stuart McGowan
Story byCharles F. Royal
StarringGeorge O'Brien
Rosalind Keith
Ray Whitley
Chill Wills
Music byRoy Webb
CinematographyHarry Wild
Edited byFrederic Knudtson
Release date
  • March 24, 1939 (1939-03-24) (US)[1]
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States

Starring George O'Brien, Rosalind Keith, Ray Whitley, and Chill Wills, the film was produced and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, released on March 24, 1939.


A banker named Cameron (Howard C. Hickman) is suspected of a robbery because he was the only person who knew the vault lock's combination. When a corrupt land owner, Ross Daggett (Cyrus Kendall), tries to exact vigilante justice, rancher Clint Bradford (George O'Brien) goes to the aid of June Cameron (Rosalind Keith), the banker's daughter, and hides her father.

June inadvertently leads Daggett and his men, including hired gun Dusty (Ward Bond), to her father's hiding place, where Cameron is captured and taken back to town. Dusty is tricked by Clint into revealing a secret panel through which Daggett was able to view Cameron's use of the vault combination. June is grateful to Clint when her father goes free.



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