Trombone Concerto in C (Rota)

The Concerto per Trombone e Orchestra in C was composed by Italian composer Nino Rota in 1966.[1] The concerto is in three movements:

  1. Allegro giusto
  2. Lento, ben ritmato
  3. Allegro moderato

This concerto was given its premiere performance on March 6, 1969, at the Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milano, Italy, by trombonist Bruno Ferrari (to whom the work is dedicated), with the Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali conducted by Franco Caracciolo.[2]

This piece is considered one of the important trombone concertos in the classical repertoire. A performance of the concerto usually lasts around 13 minutes.


This score is written for solo trombone and orchestra, with the following instrumentation:



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