Triple J Unearthed

Triple J Unearthed is the Australian music discovery initiative of triple j.

Unearthed has kicked off the careers of thousands of musicians, and hosts well over 120,000 tracks on its website,

triple j Unearthed also has a full time digital radio station playing the very best music from triple j Unearthed.

Through triple j's ongoing commitment to developing new Australian acts, Unearthed runs regular competitions that give artists the chance to play at some of Australia's biggest festivals, record their music professionally, have film clips produced by emerging directors, and attend industry events to learn more about the music business.

Unearthed has had three incarnations – the story began in regional New South Wales when triple j’s regional roll-out kicked off in Lismore in 1995. long with triple j switching on in regional centres across Australia, a local band would be ‘unearthed’ at every stop. The winners of the first Unearthed competition in Lismore were Grinspoon. From 2002-2005, Unearthed visited every state in Australia once.

In 2006, Unearthed relaunched as the place where independent Australian artists could upload and share their independent recordings online - a direct line to the audience for artists who may not have had a platform to do so otherwise. Since its relaunch, Unearthed has helped to launch the careers of thousands of Australian artists, including Flume, Courtney Barnett, The Rubens, Ball Park Music, and Alex Lahey.

In 2008, Unearthed High was established as an initiative for uncovering the best high school aged artist in the country. Winners of Unearthed High include Stonefield, Snakadaktal, Gretta Ray, and Kian.

triple j Unearthed digital radio was launched on 5 October 2011. Music from Unearthed can now fill an entire radio station, and the entire Unearthed project remains a valuable first step for Australians musicians trying to find an audience.

First round (1995–2001)

  • Lismore: Grinspoon, Ode To A Goldfish
  • Bendigo: Milhouse, Stephen Saxton
  • Townsville: Stone Henge, Gravel Samwidge
  • Alice Springs: Raven
  • Dubbo & Coonabarabran: Drown
  • Broken Hill: Porcelein, Swell
  • Wollongong: Evol
  • Albury/Wodonga: Wet Phibians, Humbug
  • Kalgoorlie/Boulder: The Early Hours
  • Gold Coast: Communion, Planet Cactus
  • Ballarat: Meathead Disciples, Flapjack
  • Port Macquarie/Taree: Plug
  • Rockhampton: Andalusion, Tribal Link
  • Sunshine Coast: Freak, Michael Ammitzboll, Fish Head, Endless Stair
  • Goulburn Valley: Killing Heidi, Stealth
  • Cairns/Cairns North: Endorphin, Orange Bowl
  • Mount Gambier/Mount Burr: Pouring Sugar
  • Swan Hill/Murray Valley/Mildura: The Spurres
  • Tasmania: Dongle, Rushmore, Vinyl, Hidi Exxon
  • Gippsland: Vericious, Jade, And Then Some - Andrew and Casidhe Brown (Runner-up)
  • Perth: Postman Cini, Elixir, Team Jedi, The New Egyptian Kings
  • Grafton/Kempsey/Armidale: Synapse, Gumption
  • Darling Downs/Southern Downs/Wide Bay: Roadside, Four on the Floor
  • Bunbury & Albany: Pokerface, Plush
  • Darwin: Wilfred Mardigan & his band Hot Wheels, Drill
  • Renmark: T.A.G.C.
  • Canberra: Soulcrusher, Liquid
  • Bega/Cooma: 40 ft Crab, Stonepony
  • Tamworth/Narrabri/Moree: The Aardvarks, Karrion, Primordia
  • Adelaide: Juju Eyeballs, Gilmore
  • Warrnambool: Tukan Sam, Gramps, Thirteen
  • Newcastle: Muzzy Pep, Melvin Starr
  • Orange and Bathurst: 50 Fifty, The Tenants
  • Brisbane: Daisycutters, Plastic Wooden Fruit, Rhubarb
  • Geraldton: Way Lander, Madder Spiral
  • Hamilton: Cause and Effect
  • Mackay: Limburger
  • Wagga Wagga: Seventh, Savino
  • Mount Isa: Brett Arthur
  • Sydney: Blue, Aerial Spans Earth, Sick Puppies
  • Melbourne: Mumonkan, Missy Higgins, No ID

Second round (2002–2004)

  • South Australia: Snap to Zero, Three Rounds Shy, Abbie Cardwell (June 2002)
  • Australian Capital Territory: Red Rocket, The Bumblebeez (August 2002)
  • Western Australia: The Fuzz, Yunyu, Amber Suite (October 2002)
  • Tasmania: The Dead Abigails, Sir Veto, The Charlie Parkers (April 2003)
  • Victoria: Second Dan, Fizard, Band Camp (June 2003)
  • Northern Territory: Sophie Koh, Vassy K (October 2003)
  • New South Wales: Unpaid Debt, Down Under Beats Crew (March 2004)
  • Queensland: Shifter, Jimmy Styles and The Easy Company (June 2004) (2006– )

On Wednesday August 9, 2006, triple j Unearthed relaunched as Artists hoping to be Unearthed upload their music in mp3 format to the website, along with a photo and biography. Registered users can also rate and review music and create their own playlists.

Competitions Winners:

  • Big Day Out
  • Big Pineapple Music Festival
    • 2015: PRO VITA .
    • 2011: Founds .
    • 2012: Go Violets ; Blonde Bear .
    • 2013: Major Leagues ; MTNS .
    • 2014: The Furrs ; WAAX .
    • 2015: GILL BATES ; DEAFCULT .
  • Coaster
  • CoLAB
    • 2014: KUCKA
  • Come Together
    • 2007: Waterview .
    • 2011: Daily Meds .
    • 2015: Polish Club ; Sarah Connor .
  • Falls Festival
    • 2006: Illzilla ; Red Rival .
    • 2007: Charles Du Cane ; SuperFunHappyBand!.
    • 2015: Banff ; DENNI ; MANGELWURZEL .
  • Fat As Butter
    • 2010: The Owls .
    • 2012: 1929indian
    • 2013: Maids
  • Festival Of The Sun
    • 2010: The Foreign Objects .
    • 2011: Dirty Little Rebels .
    • 2012: Patrick James .
    • 2014: Buoy, oh Buoy! .
    • 2015: Mar Haze .
  • Flesh It Out (songwriters competition)
    • To be added: Cathy Petocz .
      • This unearthed competition was a search for Australia's best unsigned songwriter (either a solo or duo). The winner got to attend the Fuse Festival in Adelaide, and got to participate in a songwriting workshop with Rob Hirst and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) and Pete Arthur (Junior), following which the ultimate version of their song will be recorded.
  • Field Day
  • Fuse Festival
    • 2012: Them Swoops
  • Groovin The Moo
    • 2011: Long Island Sound ; ANTONIO//PAUL ; The Bride Stripped Back ; *DNA* ; The Ellis Collective .
    • 2012: Stillwater Giants ; Kate Martin ; Grand Perceptor ; boatfriends ; Stateovmind .
    • 2013: Goldsmith ; Kadyelle ; ABREACT ; Cape York ; SAFIA .
    • 2014: Wives ; Lost Boys ; The Acitones ; Outlines ; FLAMINGO (Adelaide) .
    • 2015: Coda Conduct ; Sam Wright ; Said The People ; Timberwolf ; Fountaineer ; Yours Alone .
  • Harvest Festival
    • 2011: Elizabeth Rose ; Gung Ho ; The Cactus Channel .
    • 2012: Lurch & Chief ; The Trouble With Templeton ; The Murlocs ; Tigertown .
  • Homebake
  • Indent
    • 2010: Glass Towers ; Bloody Lovely Audrey ; Cried Wolf ; Romeros ; The Mod Cons ; Girl In The Red Light .
  • Laneway Festival
    • 2012: Gold Bloom ; Goodnight Tiger ; SURES ; Tinpan Orange ; Cub Sport .
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
    • 2016: To be added.
  • Listen Out (festival)
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
    • 2016: Alice Ivy[1]
  • NIDA Video Clips
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
  • NIMAs
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
  • One Movement
    • 2010: To be added.
  • One Night Stand
    • 2007: Flatline Drama
    • 2008: To be added.
    • 2009: To be added.
    • 2010: To be added.
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
  • Open Arms
    • 2010: Tiger Tiger .
  • Parklife
    • 2007: The Levitators ; Gameboy/Gamegirl ; Twist Oliver, Twist! ; Kobra Kai ; Electric Limosine .
    • 2010: To be added.
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
  • Push Over
    • 2007: Y
    • 2010: To be added.
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
  • Pyramid Rock
    • 2010: To be added.
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
  • Remix Comps
  • River Sessions
    • 2014: Thanartist .
  • Song Summit
    • 2012: To be added.
  • Soundwave
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
  • Southbound
    • 2007: The Preytells .
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2016: To be added.
  • Splendour In The Grass
    • 2008: To be added.
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
    • 2014: To be added.
    • 2015: To be added.
  • Sprung Festival
    • 2011: To be added.
    • 2012: To be added.
    • 2013: To be added.
  • Stonefest
    • 2010: To be added.
  • Strikeback Festival
    • 2006: E.E.S. .
  • Support: Eagles of Death Metal
    • To Be Added:
      • The Watt Riot (NSW), The Cheats (ViC) and Bowser (QLD).
  • Support: Missy Higgins
    • 2007:
      • Leroy Lee (NSW), Beatrix Bae Bouwman (Tasmania), Jackie Marshall (Queensland), Jonathan Mortimer (SA), The Belle Ends (WA) and Ainslie Wills (Victoria).
  • Taste of Chaos
  • The Great Escape
  • The Plot
    • To be added.
  • This That
    • To be added.
  • Unearthed Mixtape
    • To be added.
      • This competition differs from the others in that the winner was required to put together a mixtape of Unearthed songs (essentially an hour (15 songs) of songs from Triple J's unearthed website) with the winning entry being played on Triple J on 31 March 2007.[2]
  • Unify: A Heavy Music Gathering
    • ''To be added.
  • Valley Fiesta
    • To be added.
  • Yours and Owls
    • To be added.

Unearthed High (2008– )

During early 2008 Triple J launched the biggest unearthed competition ever, the 'Unearthed High' competition. This new competition, run parallel to the existent internet based Unearthed competition required high school aged bands to submit original work.

  • Winners Of Unearthed High

2008 Finalists

  • Artist: "[is]" / Track: "Cult Romance"
  • Location: Sydney, New South Wales.

The inaugural winners, [is], were announced on 10 June from a shortlist of finalists with their song 'Cult Romance'. [is] in December 2008 announced a name change to Tom Ugly.

2009 Finalists

  • Artist: "Howl" / Track: "Blackout"
  • Location: Ballarat, Victoria.

The 2009 competition was won by Howl, a 6 piece band with their song "Blackout". Howl came from Ballarat High School.

2010 Finalists

  • Artist: "Iotah" / Track: "Foreign Lover"
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

The 2010 competition was won by Iotah, a band composed of four sisters, heavily influenced by old school rock – screeching vocals, electrifying riffs, keys and driving beats are streaming from the cracks of a shed in the hills. They come from Gisborne Secondary College. Iotah subsequently changed their name to Stonefield after discovering a local cabaret performer had been using the name iOTA for several years.[3]

2011 Finalists

  • Finalists: Snakadaktal, McQueens, Danika Smith, Albert Salt, Guppies, The Cactus Channel
  • Winner: Artist: "Snakadaktal" / Track: "Chimera"
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

The 2011 competition was won by Snakadaktal, a 5 piece band with their song "Chimera". The winner came for Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School.

2012 Finalists

  • Finalists: Tyler Touche, Soliloquy, Marionettes, Asta, Jesse Davidson, Jessica Cerro (Montaigne)
  • Winner: Artist: "ASTA" / Track: "My Heart Is On Fire"
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania.

The 2012 competition was won by the soloist ASTA, she and Cal Young produced the song "My Heart Is On Fire" in her boyfriends bedroom. The winner is from Rosny College in Hobart.

2013 Finalists

Artist Track Genre(s) Unearthed Location School(s)
Cypher "Liar" Electronic, Indie, Pop Brisbane, QLD Redlands College, Brisbane, QLD
Jaysway "Mirror" Electronic, Pop Sydney, NSW Mosman High School, Sydney, NSW
Lunatics On Pogosticks "Picasso's Saddest Love" Indie, Punk Sydney, NSW Newtown High, Sydney, NSW
Under Scarlet Skies "Sanctuary" Metal Gippsland, VIC Lavalla Catholic College, Traralgon, Latrobe Valley, VIC
Vancouver Sleep Clinic "Vapour" Indie Brisbane, QLD Citipointe Christian College, Brisbane, QLD
When We Were Small "Untied" Indie, Rock Melbourne, VIC Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Melbourne, VIC
  • Opened: 21 May 2013, Closed: 22 Jul 2013, Winner Announced: 01 Aug 2013.[4] More than 900 entries.[5]
  • The 2013 competition was won by garage band Lunatics on Pogosticks with their song "Picasso's Saddest Love".

2014 Finalists

Artist Track Genre(s) Unearthed Location School(s)
Azura "Smoke" Electronic, Indie Brisbane, QLD Citipointe Christian College Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD
Baro "Cinema" (Feat. Emerson Alexander) Electronic, Hip Hop, Punk Melbourne, VIC Beaconhills College, Village Campus Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC
Daybreak "Retribution" Metal South West (WA), WA Tranby College, Perth, WA
Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School, Perth, WA
Gab Strum "Breathe In" (Feat. Wafia) Electronic, Indie Melbourne, Victoria Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne, VIC
Hockey Dad "I Need A Woman" Punk, Rock Illawarra, NSW Lake Illawarra High School, Illawarra, NSW
Lupa J "Statues" Electronic, Indie, Pop Sydney, NSW Conservatorium High School, Sydney, NSW
  • Opened: 22 May 2014, Closed: 21 Jul 2014, Winner Announced: 25 Jul 2014.[6] More than 650 artists entered.[7]
  • The 2014 competition was won by Melbourne producer Gab Strum; now known as Japanese Wallpaper; who produces electronic indie sounds. The winning track was "Breathe In" Featuring Wafia, a layered track also appearing in the film Wish I Was Here along bands such as Bon Iver and Coldplay.

2015 Finalists

Artist Track Genre(s) Unearthed Location School(s)
Fifth Dawn "Turbulence" Metal, Rock Sydney, NSW Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School, Emu Plains, NSW
Genesis Owusu "The Day After Valentine's" Hip Hop Canberra, ACT St Mary MacKillop College, Canberra, ACT
Lupa J "Armour" Electronic, Indie, Pop Sydney, NSW Conservatorium High School, Sydney, NSW
Mosquito Coast "Call My Name" Indie, Rock Perth, WA Churchlands High School, Perth, WA
Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth, WA
Spire "Still Don't Understand" Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie South Coast (WA), WA Denmark High School, Denmark, WA
  • Opened: 22 Jun 2015, Closed: 03 Aug 2015, Winner Announced: 20 Aug 2015.[8] 850 artists entered, with 1280 songs being entered.[9]
  • The 2015 competition was won by duo Mosquito Coast, with their song "Call My Name".

2016 Finalists

  • Carl Renshaw, Gretta Ray, Lastlings, Ninajirachi and Tia Gostelow

2016 winner

2017 Finalists

2017 winner

2018 Finalists

2018 winner

Triple J Unearthed Digital Radio (2011- )

On 5 October 2011 Triple J Unearthed was launched as a radio station available on digital radio and online.[13]

Current Programs

  • "Tops", Weekdays at 5:30pm[14]
  • "Amped" with Steph Hughes, 4pm Thursdays[15]
  • "The triple j Unearthed Podcast" with Dave Ruby Howe and Max Quinn, every Friday[16]

Gren (2015-)

Gren is the sentient, two-dimensional drum mascot of triple j Unearthed. It is alleged that Gren runs Unearthed's social media accounts, responding to users in the first person. While not much is known about Gren, some fans of triple j Unearthed have assembled several distinct compilations of lore[17] that shed some light on Gren's life and times. Some alleged facts about Gren include:

  • Gren sometimes spends time at the wall in the mythical land of Westeros. He may at one point have killed and been killed by a giant depending the nights watch against the attack of Mance Rayder and the wildling army
  • Gren sometimes claims to be eleven years old. Other times Gren has claimed to be alive for hundreds of years.
  • Gren wants an earring more than anything else in the world. Also, a bike.[18]
  • Gren's best friend is the Australian artist Mallrat.[19]
  • Gren regularly claims to be the "ombundsmen" of Australian music, and attempts to exercise his jurisdiction online, but lacks any official documentation to prove this.[20]
  • Gren also claims to be the father of a smaller, less sentient son/drum called "Dagwood Dog."[21]
  • Gren loves bees and is passionate about you acquiring more of them.[22]
  • Gren is a known fiend for "champignons"[23]
  • Gren will occasionally ask if anyone knows any good goss.[24]
  • Gren will also occasionally ask if anyone knows and good goths.[25]
  • Gren maintains a meticulous "glossary of frogs."[26]
  • Gren is scared of both commitment and also polio.
  • Gren has previously attempted to leverage his position within the Australian music industry to "crack down on crime."
  • Gren's passion project is called Everybody Loves Jaymond, described as "a shot for shot remake of Everybody Loves Raymond except starring various unsuspecting staff members from around the triple j office, I can’t understand why it keeps getting vetoed."[27]
  • Gren has, at various times, claimed that his real and true name is actually: Brian, Grent, Gremnt, or Grengelbert Drumperdink.[28]
  • Gren just found out about the Eastern Seaboard.


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