Tremblay Road

Tremblay Road is a major east-west road in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It runs parallel to Highway 417 to its south. The road begins at the Vanier Parkway, a continuation of the Highway 417 eastbound off-ramp to the Parkway. It runs a short distance past Belfast Road, crosses St. Laurent Boulevard and ends one block east at Triole Street. The road is largely residential with a few offices and light industry along the road, including offices for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada . It is also home to Ottawa's Via Rail train Station, where one can catch a train to Kingston, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario or Montreal, Quebec.

A path connects Tremblay Road to the St. Laurent Transitway Station and the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, which passes under the Queensway. Also intersecting Tremblay Road are a series of residential streets named Avenue K, Avenue L, and ascending to Avenue U. There is no Avenue M; its place taken by Belfast Road. These lettered avenues comprise the neighbourhood of Eastway Gardens.

Prior to annexation of the area by Ottawa in 1950, the road went by the name Nicholas Street, and Cyrville Road before that.[1]

Bus routes

Tremblay Road is served by OC Transpo's Route 18 between St. Laurent and Belfast, which travels between St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Britannia via downtown. Other bus service is available at the Train Transitway Station at the Via Rail Station and at the St. Laurent Transitway Station.

Major intersections


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