Treaty of Maastricht (1843)

The Treaty of Maastricht, signed in 1843 by Belgium and the Netherlands four years after the Treaty of London established Belgian independence,[1] finally settled the border between the two countries.

Treaty of Maastricht
Typebilateral treaty
Signed8 August 1843 (1843-08-08)
LocationMaastricht, Netherlands
Belgium, Netherlands
RatifiersBelgium, Netherlands

Border enclaves

Inability to decide a clear line of demarcation in Baarle-Hertog resulted in the division of the disputed territory into 5732 separate parcels of land.[2] These formed part of a very complicated frontier which sometimes passes through houses, and has tiny enclaves,[3] due to land ownership dating back to the 12th century.[4] Belgian enclaves in otherwise Dutch territory even have at times Dutch counter-enclaves within them.[5]

Part of the left bank of the Meuse, near Maastricht, came back to the Netherlands.[6]

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