Treasurer (Ancient Egypt)

The Treasurer (or often also translated as Chancellor) in Ancient Egypt is the modern translation of the title imi-r ḫtmt (word by word: Overseer of the Seal or Overseer of sealed things). The office is known since the end of the Old Kingdom, where people with this title appear sporadically in the organization of private estates.

Treasurer in hieroglyphs

imi-r ḫtmt
Overseer of the Seal / Overseer of sealed things

In the Middle Kingdom, the office became one of the most important ones at the royal court. At the end of the 18th Dynasty, the title lost its importance, although the famous Bay had this office. In the later New Kingdom the function of a treasurer was overtaken by the overseer of the treasury.

The treasurer was responsible for products coming to the royal palace. They were the main economic administrator of the royal belongings.

Middle Kingdom title holders

New Kingdom title holders

Late Period


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