Treasure Island (1973 film)

Treasure Island is a 1973 animated feature film directed by Hal Sutherland, produced by Filmation, and released by Warner Bros. In this adaptation, Jim Hawkins (Davy Jones) travels with sidekick Hiccup the Mouse.

Treasure Island
DVD cover
Directed byHal Sutherland
Produced byNorm Prescott
Lou Scheimer
Screenplay byBen Starr
Music byGeorge Blais
Jeff Michael (original score and songs)
CinematographyR.W. Pope
Edited byJoseph Simon
Doreen Dixon
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
Running time
87 minutes

In 1980, the film was broadcast on NBC.


Enchanted by the idea of locating treasure buried by Captain Flint, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Jim Hawkins charter a sailing voyage to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, a large number of Flint's old pirate crew are aboard the ship, including Long John Silver.

Voice cast


The film was part of Family Classics, a series of films announced to be produced in mid-January 1972, based on concepts in the public domain commissioned by Warner Bros. Production for the film and Oliver Twist had been finished by late 1973. The film's budget amounted to $1.050.000, with the million given by Warner Bros., and the rest put in by the studio itself.[1]


Treasure Island was first broadcast as an NBC Special Treat special on April 29, 1980, with half of the film's runtime cut. The special was hosted by Melissa Sue Anderson.[1] The movie was first released on VHS on September 30, 1997, as part of the Warner Bros. Classic Tales series.[2] It was first released on DVD on September 3, 2002, by Warner Home Video, through Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.[3][1] It was released on VCD in 2005 by Alliance Entertainment Singapore Pte. Ltd.[4]


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