Travelling Man (album)

Travelling Man is a compilation album by the progressive rock group Caravan made of following albums: Cool Water (1994), The Battle of Hastings (1995) and All Over You (1997), except for track 8 which is taken from the very first album Caravan (1968).[1]

Travelling Man
Compilation album by
Released4 March 1998
GenreProgressive rock
Caravan chronology
The Battle of Hastings
Travelling Man
Songs for Oblivion Fishermen

Track listing

1."In the Land of Grey and Pink"Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair3:46
2."The Crack of the Willow"Hastings5:37
3."Cold as Ice"Hastings4:10
5."If I Could Do It All over Again, I'd Do It All over You"Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair3:31
6."Cool Water"Hastings4:06
7."Travelling Ways"Hastings3:52
8."Place of My Own"Hastings4:06
9."Somewhere in Your Heart"Hastings5:43
10."Wendy Wants Another 6 Mole"Hastings2:26
11."Side by Side"Hastings4:39
12."I Know Why You're Laughing"Hastings5:31
13."If It Wasn't for Your Ego"Hastings3:35
14."It's a Sad, Sad Affair"Hastings3:23



  • Pye Hastings – accordionist, electric guitarist, vocalist, harmony vocalist, Leslie guitarist
  • Jim Leverton – bass guitarist, vocalist, harmony vocalist
  • Geoff Richardson – acoustic guitarist, clarinet, mandolin, violinist, accordion, electric guitarist, tambourine, violist, wind, kalimba, harmony vocals, shaker, amplifiers
  • Dave Sinclair – keyboards, harmony vocalist
  • Richard Coughlan – drums
Additional personnel
  • Jimmy Hastings – clarinet, flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo, soprano sax, tenor sax


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