Traveller Without Luggage

Traveller Without Luggage is a 1961 Australian television film directed by Henri Safran and starring Ric Hutton. It was Safran's first English language work.[2]

Traveller Without Luggage
Directed byHenri Safran
Written byGeorge F. Kerr
Based onthe play Le Voyageur sans bagage by Jean Anouilh
StarringRic Hutton
Distributed byABC
Release date
August 1961
Running time
70 mins[1]


A man (Ric Hutton) has been in an asylum for 16 years suffering from loss of memory. He is without the memories that the normal person carries with him as "luggage". On the advice of the asylum psychiatrist, he sets out to find his past and spends 24 hours with a family who believe he is their lost son. He discovers he was a seducer, a wife-stealer, and generally vile character, and decides to ditch his old self, adopt a new personality and a new family.


  • Ric Hutton as the Traveller
  • Enid Lorimer as his would-be mother
  • Rhod Walker as the brother
  • Patricia Kennedy as the maid
  • Clarissa Kaye as the sister in law
  • Gordon Glenwright


The play had been performed at the Sydney University Drama Society in June 1960.[3]


The critic from The Sydney Morning Herald wrote that the production was marked by "competence rather than exciting path-finding... Desmonde Downing_'s sets rank with the best one has seen in A.B.C. productions; and George Kerr's adaptation of the play, while it reduced many interesting subsidiary threads, nevertheless fairly happily retained the essence of the writing."[4]


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