Traps case

In music, a traps case or trap case is a piece of luggage used by drummers and other percussionists to transport miscellaneous instruments, stands, and accessories.[1] Traps cases are usually made of vulcanized fibre,[2] molded plastic, or plywood (as in flight cases).[3] Typically, a kit drummer's traps case will be the heaviest of the cases when loaded, and is long enough to contain a hi-hat stand without collapsing it, to avoid losing the drummer's adjustment of its height setting.

A set of cases for transporting a drum kit, for example, will typically consist of one case for the bass drum, one case for the snare drum, one or more for the tom-toms, a case or bag for the cymbals, and one traps case to transport the remainder of the kit, including:[1]

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