Trap for Seven Spies

Trap for Seven Spies (Italian: Trappola per sette spie, Spanish: Siete espías en la trampa) is a 1967 Italian-Spanish spy film written and directed by Mario Amendola and starring Yvonne Bastien, Eduardo Fajardo and Carlo Giuffré.[1][2] It has been described as a Eurospy variation of The Most Dangerous Game.[2]

Trap for Seven Spies
Directed byMario Amendola
Written byMario Amendola
Antonio Roman
StarringYvonne Bastien
Eduardo Fajardo
Music byLallo Gori
CinematographyJosé F. Aguayo
Edited byLuciano Cavalieri
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)


After the end of World War Two ancien SS colonel Von Rittenau hidden in a French castle with a group of NewNazi catch and rape seven ancien spies that have worked for allies during war. Von Rittenau have founded their names in old Gestapo archive and now want a revenge for losing war.



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