Transporter Angamos (1890)

The Angamos was built in England for the "Fratelli Lavarello Fu G. B.", from Génova, under the name Citta de Venezia. Later she was sold to William Ruys & Zonen, from Rotterdam and renamed Spartan

Chilean transporter Angamos
Name: Angamos
Namesake: Naval Battle of Angamos
Builder: C. S. Swan & Hunter, Wallsend, Newcastle, England
Yard number: 158
Launched: 13 September 1890
Christened: Citta de Venezia
Renamed: Spartan
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2.370 BRT
Length: 390 feet (120 m)
Beam: 14.30m
Depth: 7.62m
Installed power: 549 HP
Propulsion: Triple Expansion built by Wallsend Slypway & E.C. Ltd., Newcastle
Speed: 15 kn

In 1891, during the Chilean Civil War of 1891, she was sold to the Chilean government, renamed Angamos, but she arrived to Valparaíso in 1892, after the end of the war and was operated by the CSAV.

On 6 July 1928 she sailed bound for Talcahuano under Captain Ismael Suárez Maldonado as she sunk off Punta Morguillas 37°42′0″S 73°45′0″W, Lebu, Chile. 262 persons died, only 7 Persons could be rescued. It was the second biggest single-incident maritime losses of life in the history of Chile.

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