Transitional French cabinet of 1839

The Transitional French cabinet of 1839 was announced on 31 March 1839 by King Louis Philippe I. It replaced the Second cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé.

Transitional French cabinet of 1839

cabinet of France
Date formed31 March 1839
Date dissolved12 May 1839
People and organisations
Head of stateLouis Philippe I
PredecessorSecond cabinet of
Louis Mathieu Molé
SuccessorSecond cabinet of
Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult

On 12 May 1839 there was an insurrection in Paris, suppressed by the National Guard and regular troops.[1] The ministry was replaced that day by the Second cabinet of Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult.[2]


The cabinet was created by ordinance of 31 March 1839. It did not include a president of the council of ministers.[3] The ministers were:[4]


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