Transdev Australasia

Transdev Australasia is an operator of bus, ferry, light rail and rail services in Australia and New Zealand. It is a subsidiary of French-based, international Transdev. It was formed in 2013 by grouping the operations of Veolia Transport Australia[2] and former Transdev together, as a result of the global rebranding from Veolia Transdev to Transdev.

Transdev Australasia
PredecessorVeolia Transport Australia
Transdev Australia
ProductsPublic transport
Total assets2,100
Number of employees
5,800+ (2019)[1]
DivisionsHowick & Eastern Buses
Mana Coach Services
Transdev Auckland
Transdev Brisbane Ferries
Transdev Melbourne
Transdev NSW
Transdev Queensland
Transdev Sydney
Transdev Sydney Ferries
Transdev WA
Transdev Wellington

As of September 2019, Transdev Australasia employed more than 5,800 people and operated 2,100 vehicles and vessels, delivering more than 150 million customer journeys each year across Australia and New Zealand.[1]

Current operations

New South Wales

Transdev NSW

Transdev NSW is a bus company operating services in the southern and western suburbs of Sydney, including those previously by Transdev Shorelink Buses. The origins of the company that is now Transdev NSW can be traced back to February 1935 when GH Ramsay commenced a bus service between Sutherland station and Woronora River. After series of purchases and changes of name, the company was purchased by Connex in 1999 and rebranded Transdev NSW in 2013. Since 2005, the company's services have formed part of Sydney Bus Regions 10 and 13,[3][4] with the company also taking responsibility for Region 12 from Transdev Shorelink Buses in 2013.

Transdev Sydney

Transdev Sydney operates light rail services in Sydney on behalf of Transport for NSW.[5] The light rail network includes the Dulwich Hill Line and from 2019, the CBD and South East Light Rail. Formerly known as Veolia Transport Sydney, it also operated the Sydney Monorail until June 2013.

The operation of the light rail and monorail in August 1998 was Veolia Transport's first venture into Australia, and was still known as CGEA Transport back then.[6] CGEA Transport formed a joint venture (51%) with Sydney Light Rail Company (SLRC), which were the owners of the Sydney Light Rail, called CGEA Transport Sydney. The joint venture was formed to purchase TNT Transit Systems, the owner of the monorail and operator of the light rail. This resulted in CGEA Transport owning the monorail as well as operating the light rail. CGEA Transport, already renamed to Connex in 1999, sold its share of the monorail to the SLRC in early 2001.[7][8] The SLRC and CGEA Transport Sydney (without the Connex share) later combined to form Metro Transport Sydney. Metro Transport Sydney continued to contract the operation services to the Connex, whose subsidiary was known as Veolia Transport Sydney since 2005.[9]

After the Metro Transport Sydney's purchase by the Government of New South Wales on 23 March 2012, the operation contract with Veolia Transport Sydney was maintained.[10] The monorail was decommissioned on 30 June 2013.[11][12] A new contract, beginning in mid 2015, covering operation of the Inner West and CBD and South East Light Rail lines was signed with the ALTRAC Light Rail consortium in December 2014. As a member of the consortium, Transdev retained the right to operate the Inner West line (now renamed Dulwich Hill Line) and the new line.[13] The new line opened in stages between December 2019 and March 2020.

Transdev, as part of the Great River City Light Rail consortium, was awarded the Supply, Operate and Maintain contract for the Parramatta Light Rail stage 1 project in 2018. As part of the consortium, Transdev Australasia will be operating the Parramatta Light Rail when it opens in 2023.[14]

Transdev Sydney Ferries

Transdev owns Transdev Sydney Ferries, which operates Sydney Ferries services under contract to the Government of New South Wales. It was initially formed as Harbour City Ferries, a 50/50 joint venture with Transfield Services (later Broadspectrum) in 2012, until Transdev acquired Broadspectrum's share in December 2016.[15] In July 2019, Harbour City Ferries commenced a new contract until June 2028.[16] To coincide with the contract, Harbour City Ferries was rebranded Transdev Sydney Ferries.[17]

On Demand bus services in Sydney

In November 2017, Transdev, in partnership with Transport for NSW, launched RIDE Plus on demand bus services in Sydney's Manly and Eastern Suburbs,[18][19] and Transdev Link on demand services in the Sutherland Shire.[20]The Eastern Suburbs service ceased in August 2018 and was replaced by a Bridj on demand service that covers a smaller area.[21][22]

New Zealand

Transdev Auckland

Transdev Auckland operates urban passenger trains in Auckland under contract to Auckland Transport on infrastructure owned and managed by KiwiRail.

Transdev Wellington

Transdev Wellington is the operator of Wellington's Metlink rail network, in partnership with Hyundai Rotem, having been awarded the contract to operate and maintain the rail system in December 2015. The nine-year contract, with two possible 3-year extensions, commenced on 1 July 2016 with Transdev Wellington taking over the running of the network on 3 July 2016.[23][24][25]

Howick & Eastern Buses

Howick & Eastern Buses is an urban bus operator in Auckland, with a fleet of 145 buses and runs 23 routes under contract to Auckland Transport. In August 2019, Transdev began the process of acquiring Howick & Eastern Buses from the InMotion Group (part of Souter Investments), alongside Mana Coach Services in Wellington (see below).[26][27][28] The acquisition was completed on 4 November 2019.[29]

Mana Coach Services

Mana Coach Services is an urban bus operator in Wellington, with a fleet of 66 buses and runs routes under contract to Greater Wellington Regional Council. In August 2019, Transdev began the process of acquiring Mana Coach Services from the InMotion Group (part of Souter Investments), alongside Howick & Eastern Buses in Auckland (see above).[26][27][28] The acquisition was completed on 1 October 2019.[30]


Since 2016, both Queensland operations (Transdev Brisbane Ferries and Transdev Queensland) in Brisbane share the same website and the brand Transdev Brisbane, while remaining distinct and separate operations.

Transdev Brisbane Ferries

Transdev Brisbane Ferries (formerly Metrolink Queensland & TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries) is the operator of the Brisbane City Council's ferry network under the TransLink integrated public transport scheme in Brisbane.

Prior to 2003, Brisbane City Council contracted River Connections to provide CityCat and Cityferry services in Brisbane. In 2003, Brisbane City Council contracted Metrolink Queensland (a joint venture between Transdev and Transfield Services) to operate and maintain CityCat and Cityferry services in Brisbane for at least seven years. In 2008, the operation was renamed TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries. In 2010, TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries were awarded a new 10-year contract. In 2010 Transfield sold its shares back to Transdev,[31] and in 2013 the operation was renamed to Transdev Brisbane Ferries.

Transdev Brisbane Ferries operates Cityferry and CityCat services between the University of Queensland St Lucia campus and Hamilton on the Brisbane River.[32] As of February 2018, Transdev Brisbane Ferries's fleet consists of CityCats, CityHoppers and CityFerries.[33]

Transdev Queensland

Transdev Queensland is a bus company operating services in the Redland City region of Brisbane. It operates 31 services under contract to the Government of Queensland under the TransLink banner.


Transdev Melbourne

Transdev Melbourne commenced operating about 30% of Melbourne's bus network on 4 August 2013, following their successful bid for the Melbourne Metropolitan Bus Franchise.[34] Transdev operates 52 routes across metropolitan Melbourne with a fleet of around 500 buses from four depots.[35]

Western Australia

Transdev WA

Transdev WA operates 480 buses in Perth under contract to the Public Transport Authority.

Former operations

Northern Territory

Transdev owns 50% of Buslink Vivo, a joint venture with Buslink that from 2013 until 2019 operated employee bus services in Darwin during the construction of the Ichthys Liquified Petroleum Gas project.[36][37] Buslink Vivo ceased operation in July 2019.[38] During its operation, Buslink Vivo delivered more than 15 million journeys.[39]

Western Australia

South West Coach Lines

South West Coach Lines is a bus and coach operator in South West Western Australia purchased in November 2007 by Veolia.[40] Following the loss of the TransBunbury and TransBusselton contracts to Swan Transit from January 2015,[41][42] the remainder of the business was sold to the Australian Transit Group.[43][44]


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