Tramway Museum Graz

The Tramway Museum Graz is a transport museum in the Austrian city of Graz, specialising in the history of the Graz tramway network. It is located in the former tram depot at the Mariatrost terminus of Graz tram route 1.[1][2]

Tramway Museum Graz
The frontage of the museum, with the Mariatrost Basilica at top right.
Coordinates47.10561°N 15.488931°E / 47.10561; 15.488931
TypeTransport museum
Public transit accessGraz tram route 1

The museum houses a collection of some 30 rail vehicles, including motor trams, trailers, works cars, horse cars and funicular cars. While most vehicles are from Graz, there are also exhibits from Vienna, Innsbruck, Dubrovnik and New York.[3]

The building housing the museum was originally the depot of the Kleinbahn Graz–Mariatrost, a metre gauge electric railway that was subsequently regauged to standard gauge and incorporated into the Graz tramway system. It is near to the Mariatrost Basilica, a much visited pilgrimage church.

The museum is only open on occasional open days, of which there were four in 2013, or by appointment.[4]



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