Trabzonspor (women's football)

Trabzonspor Club Women's Football Team (Turkish: Trabzonspor Kulübü Bayan Futbol Takımı) is the women's football team of Trabzonspor in Trabzon, Turkey. It was established on October 16, 2007.[1]

Full nameTrabzonspor Bayan Futbol Takımı
Karadeniz Firtinasi
(The Black Sea Storm)
FoundedOctober 16, 2007[1]
GroundMehmet Ali Yılmaz Stadium,
President İbrahi Hacıosmanoğlu
Trainer Zeliha Şimşek
LeagueTurkish Women's Football Premier League

Right after its foundation, the team was invited to join the Turkish Women's Football Premier League. However, the league was cancelled in 2003 but re-established for the 2007–08 season.[2][3] Trabzonspor were the champions in the 2008–09 season, which was the second year of the league.[4]


Active branches of Trabzonspor
Football (Men's) Football (Women's) Football (A2)
Basketball Swimming Judo

The first women's football team in Trabzon was of the Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi (KTÜ) formed in 2001. Following this initiative, another football club in Trabzon, İdmanocağı founded its women's team basing it on the squad of Trabzon High School.[5] However, due to inadequate interest, women's football in Trabzon did not improve.

In 2007, former KTÜ player Zeliha Şimşek and Trabzonspor's coordinator Özkan Sümer formed the team. Using their previous experiences where they had played a leading role in the foundation of a women's team within Trabzonspor, they formed the team in six weeks before the beginning of the league season.[6] The Trabzonspor women's team competed in the first year of the women's league along with the other women's team in Trabzon, İdmanocağı.[7]

Later years

The team played its first league match against İdmanocağı on November 18, 2007 at its home stadium Mehmet Ali Yılmaz Stadium and won by 2–0.[1][8] However, Trabzonspor was not so successful in later matches to get out of Group C. Gazi Üniversitesispor from Ankara, which played in the same group, became champion in the 2007–08 season.[9] With the 2008–09 season, the structure of the women's league was modified and it gained national status. Trabzonspor competed in the restructured league of ten teams[10] and gained the champion's title with 45 points in 18 games defeating Cengiz Topelspor of Mersin by 2–0 in the last match played away.[11]

With this achievement, Trabzonspor became the only Turkish club which was champion of both the men's and women's premier leagues.[12]


As of 23 May 2010

2007–08Women's League – Div. 2 Group C3127234414+3023
2008–09Women's First League11815034114+2745
2009–10Women's First League21815036314+4945
Green marks a season followed by promotion, red a season followed by relegation.

International competitions

Trabzonspor was entitled to participate in the qualifying round of the 2009–10 UEFA Women's Champions League.[13] This was the first time a Turkish women's football team had participated in the qualifying round of the UEFA league since it was established in 2001.[14]

The team won its first match in the Group D against ŽNK Krka from Slovenia by 2–0,[15] however lost the following matches to Italy's Torres Calcio Femminile by 0–9[16] and to Slovan Duslo Šaľa from Slovakia by 1–2.[10] Trabzonspor women's team failed to participate in the 2009–2010 UEFA Champions League.[17]

2009–10 UEFA Champions League Group D Jul 30, 2009 Slovenia, Krško ŽNK KrkaW 2–0Tchkonia, Önder[18]
Aug 1, 2009 ASD Torres CalcioL 0–9
Aug 4, 2010 FK Slovan Duslo ŠaľaL 1–2Kalyoncu[19]


Current squad

As of 7 September 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 GK Elvira Todua
23 GK Nagihan Bulut
67 GK Selda Akgöz

2 DF Aleyna Altuntaş
3 DF Tuğba Babacan
4 DF Aylin Yaren
6 DF Serpil Değirmenci
16 DF Ebru Bayraktar
13 DF Buket Karadağ
19 DF Beyza Kocatürk
38 DF Arzu Karabulut
44 DF Henriette Akaba

5 MF Fatma Kara
7 MF Gurbet Kalkan
No. Position Player
8 MF Melisa Şahin
9 MF Merve Bezan
13 MF Zeliha Şimşek
14 MF Nayeli Rangel
18 MF Tuğçe Karadeniz
23 MF Duygu Erdoğan
28 MF Tuğba Karataş
35 MF Gülbin Hız
61 MF Aslıhan Yağmur Topal
66 MF Oluwasun Mary Fakunle

10 FW Kang Yu-mi
11 FW Seval Kıraç
15 FW Semanur Akbaş

Notable former players


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