Trabzon Football League

The Trabzon Football League (Turkish: Trabzon Futbol Ligi) was founded as a regional football league for Trabzon based clubs in 1922. In the period from 1924 to 1935, the winners of the Trabzon League qualified for the former Turkish Football Championship. In the following period from 1940 to 1951, the Trabzon league champions qualified for the qualifying stages of the national championship. The city of Trabzon was home to a major rivalry between local clubs İdman Ocağı and İdman Gücü, who fought for the championship title in numerous seasons. The rivalry and relationship between those two teams has been often compared to that of the renowned Intercontinental Derby in Turkey.

After the introduction of the professional nationwide league in 1959, the league lost its first level status. Trabzon İdman Ocağı are the most successful club in the history of the league, holding the record with 12 championship titles.

Participated teams

The following teams participated in the league regularly for at least a few years:

  • Trabzon İdman Ocağı
  • Trabzon İdman Gücü
  • Trabzon İdman Grubu
  • Trabzon Lisesi
  • Muallim Mektebi
  • Necm-i Ati
  • Yıldızspor
  • Trabzon Ticaret Lisesi
  • Martıspor
  • Karadeniz Gücü
  • Yolspor
  • Trabzon İdman Yurdu
  • Garnizon İdman Yurdu
  • Pulathane Sebat


Season Champions
1922 İdman Grubu
1923 İdman Grubu
1923–24 Trabzon Lisesi
1924–25 Trabzon Lisesi
1926 Trabzon Lisesi
1926–27 Trabzon Lisesi
1928 Muallim Mektebi
1929 Ticaret Lisesi
1930 İdman Ocağı
1931 İdman Ocağı
1932 İdman Ocağı
1933 İdman Ocağı
1934 İdman Ocağı
1935 İdman Ocağı
1936 İdman Gücü
1937 İdman Ocağı
1937–38 İdman Gücü
1938–39 İdman Gücü
1939–40 İdman Gücü
1940–41 Garnizon İdman Yurdu
1941–42 Trabzon Lisesi
1942–43 Trabzon Lisesi
1943–44 Trabzon Lisesi
1944–45 Trabzon Lisesi
1945–46 Trabzon Lisesi
1946–47 Trabzon Lisesi
1947–48 İdman Gücü
1948–49 İdman Ocağı
1949–50 İdman Ocağı
1950–51 Necm-i Ati
1951–52 İdman Gücü
1952–53 Necm-i Ati
1953–54 İdman Ocağı
1954–55 Trabzon Karagücü
1955–56 İdman Gücü
1956–57 İdman Gücü
1957–58 İdman Ocağı
1958–59 İdman Ocağı

Performance by club

Club Titles
İdman Ocağı
Trabzon Lisesi
İdman Gücü
İdman Grubu
Necm-i Ati
Trabzon Ticaret Lisesi
Trabzon Karagücü
Garnizon İdman Yurdu
Muallim Mektebi


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