Trabzon 19 Mayıs Arena

Trabzon 19 Mayıs Arena (Turkish: Trabzon 19 Mayıs Spor Salonu) is an indoor basketball venue located in Trabzon, Turkey.

Trabzon 19 Mayıs Arena
Full nameTrabzon 19 Mayıs Spor Salonu
Coordinates41.00414°N 39.70750°E / 41.00414; 39.70750
SurfaceWood flooring
2007 Black Sea Games
2011 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival

Built in 1951, the venue hosted the 2007 Black Sea Games. Following renovation works in 2010, basketball matches for girls were played at this arena during the 2011 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival.[1]

The arena is home to the basketball teams of the clubs Trabzonspor Basketball, Trabzon İdmanocağı and Trabzon Belediyesi S.K.


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