Toward the Margins

Toward the Margins is an album by British saxophonist and improvisor Evan Parker's Electro-Acoustic Ensemble recorded in 1996 and released on the ECM New Series label.[1]

Toward the Margins
Studio album by
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble
RecordedMay 1996
ProducerSteve Lake
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Toward the Margins
At the Vortex (1996)


The Allmusic review by Steve Loewy awarded the album 4 stars stating "Founded in 1992, Evan Parker's Electro-Acoustic Ensemble is a highly sophisticated grouping, which for this recording conceptually pairs three acoustic musicians with electronic tone manipulators... It is all fascinating stuff, and if it does not swing or fit into any easy definitions of "jazz," it takes the concept of improvisation to a new level. There is sometimes an aimlessness to it all that can be off-putting, but concentrated listening can produce wonderful rewards for the patient consumer".[2]

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Track listing

All compositions by Evan Parker except as indicated
  1. "Toward the Margins" (Barry Guy, Evan Parker, Philipp Wachsmann) - 4:34
  2. "Turbulent Mirror" - 5:54
  3. "Field and Figure" (Guy, Parker) - 7:06
  4. "The Regenerative Landscape (For AMM)" - 3:36
  5. "Chain of Chance" (Marco Vecchi, Paul Lytton, Walter Prati) - 4:19
  6. "Trahütten" (Parker, Wachsmann) - 6:20
  7. "Shadow Without an Object: Engagement/Reversal/Displacement" (Guy, Parker, Vecchi, Lytton, Wachsmann, Prati) - 6:02
  8. "Epanados" (Guy, Parker, Vecchi, Lytton, Wachsmann, Prati) - 4:29
  9. "Born Cross-Eyed (Remembering Fuller)" (Lytton) - 2:52
  10. "Philipp's Pavilion" (Parker, Wachsmann) - 7:33
  11. "The Hundred Books (For Idries Shah)" - 4:09
  12. "Contra-Dance" (Guy, Parker) - 3:38
  • Recorded at Gateway Studios in London, England in May 1996.



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