Tourism in Georgia (country)

Tourism in Georgia is an increasingly important component of the country's economy. In 2015 it employed around 158,500 people, producing 6.7% of Georgia's GDP and providing US$1.94 billion of revenue.[1] In 2018, the number of international arrivals reached a record high of 8.7 million people[2] with foreign exchange income in the year's first three quarters amounting to US$2.6 billion. The country plans to host 11 million tourists by 2025 with annual revenues reaching US$6.6 billion.[3]

The expenditures of foreign visitors to Georgia have a significant effect on the balance of payments, and approximately 35.9% of Georgia’s goods and service export revenue comes from tourism.[4] International tourists stay an average of 6.5 days.[5]

The official body tasked with promoting tourism to Georgia is the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA). In 2016, the GNTA participated in 21 international and domestic tourism fairs, conducted marketing campaigns on 16 target markets, and hosted 99 press and familiarization trips.[5]


As of August 2017, there were a total of 1,945 accommodation units registered in the GNTA database, with a total of 65,656 beds. The regions with the most beds were Tbilisi - 17,796 (27.1%) and Adjara - 12,126 (18.5%).[6] The most prevalent form of accommodation is hotels (41,123 beds), followed by Family Hotels (11,374 beds). In 2017, 60 new hotels with a combined bed number of 3,894 were opened. From 2017 to 2019, 194 hotels are planned to open, with a total bed number of 21,216.[6]

Hotel chains with operations in Georgia include: Courtyard by Marriott,[7] Mercure,[8] Millennium Hotel,[9] Hilton Hotels & Resorts,[10] Holiday Inn,[11] Sheraton Hotels and Resorts,[12] and Radisson Hotels.[13]

Batumi features several casinos that attract tourists from Turkey, where casino gambling is illegal.

Arrivals by country

The most common citizenships of international visitors arriving in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018:[5][14][15]

Country 2015 Country 2016 Country 2017 Country 2018
1 Armenia1,468,8881 Azerbaijan 1,523,0751 Azerbaijan 1,301,5561 Azerbaijan 1,424,610
2 Azerbaijan1,393,2572 Armenia 1,496,2462 Armenia 1,287,1682 Russia 1,404,757
3 Turkey1,391,7213 Turkey 1,254,0893 Russia 1,135,6103 Armenia 1,268,886
4 Russia926,1444 Russia 1,037,5644 Turkey 1,007,2764 Turkey 1,098,555
5 Ukraine141,7345 Ukraine 172,6315 Iran 282,5495 Iran 291,070
6 Israel59,4876 Iran 147,9156 Ukraine 169,8626 Ukraine 177,058
7 Poland41,4257 Israel 92,2137 Israel 115,0407 Israel 156,922
8 Germany36,8268 Kazakhstan 48,8098 Poland 48,9138 Poland 66,903
9 Kazakhstan36,7779 Poland 44,3889 Kazakhstan 56,7659 Germany 64,486
10 United States31,14710 Germany 40,88910 Saudi Arabia 56,24710 Belarus 58,955
Total arrivals in 20155,901,094Total arrivals in 20166,350,825Total arrivals in 20177,902,509Total arrivals in 20188,679,544

Destinations and attractions

Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi
Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta
Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi
Ushguli community in Svaneti
Batumi seaside
Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe
Gudauri ski resort
Destinations[16] Attractions
Tbilisi Old TbilisiNarikalaRustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square • Funicular • "Dry bridge" • Agmashenebeli AvenueSimon Janashia Museum of GeorgiaArt Museum of Georgia • Gabriadze Theater • Holy Trinity CathedralEthnographic MuseumTbilisi Botanical GardenLisi Lake • Rike park • Sioni CathedralAnchiskhati Basilica • Chardin street • Mtatsminda Park
Mtskheta UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari Monastery, St. Nino Monastery • Bebristsikhe • Armaztsikhe (Bagineti) • Armazi Fortress • Monastery of Shio MghvimeZedazeni • Ilia Chavchavadze Saguramo State Museum
Gori Gori Fortress • Virgin Mary Cathedral • Historical-Ethnographic Museum • State Museum of Joseph Stalin • Museum of Military Glory • Gorijvari (resort) • Uplistsikhe • Ateni Gorge • Village Gardateni • Ruisi Cathedral of Transfiguration • Urbnisi Cathedral
Zugdidi Dadiani Palace History and Architectural MuseumGanmukhuri and Anaklia (Black Sea Resorts) • Kolkheti National Park • The swinging rock – "Kuakantsalia" • Khobi Monastery • Skuri (resort) • Complex of "Otsindale" • Shurubumu (wonder of the natural world) • Canyon of Intsra • Enguri Hydropower Plant
Kutaisi UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati MonasteryMotsameta MonasteryKutaisi State Historical Museum • National Museum of Military Glory • Historical district of the city • Vani Archeological MuseumSataplia Nature ReservePrometheus CaveKatskhi PillarOkatse Canyon
Telavi Telavi State History and Ethnography Museum • Cholokashvili Street • Batonis Tsikhe Castle • Nadikvari Park • Giant Plane tree • Old Shuamta (one of the olsdest Orthodox churches in Georgia) • New Shuamta • IkaltoAlexandre Chavchavadze Tsinandali MuseumAlaverdi Monastery
Mestia UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ushguli (one of the highest settlements in Europe) • Svaneti Historic and Ethnography Museum • Museum of Michael Khergiani • Transfiguration Cathedral in Laghami • Ski lift and the view from Zuruldi • Chalaadi Glacier • Kala settlement • Village Adishi • Ipari-Nakipari Church of St. George • Latali Church of the Lord • HikingCamping
Stepantsminda Stepantsminda Historic Museum • Gergeti Trinity Church • Gveleti Waterfall • Devdoraki GlacierDariali Gorge • Upper Truso Gorge • Khdi Gorge • Gorge of Artkhmo • Village Sno • Juta • HikingCamping
Borjomi Blue Palace "Firuza" • Mineral Water Park • Borjomi Museum of Local Lore • Gogia’s Castle • Peter’s Castle • Likani PalaceBorjomi-Kharagauli National ParkTimotesubani Monastery - The Cathedral of Holy Virgin • The Green Monastery • Kvabiskhevi Church of the Assumption
Batumi Beaches of Adjara • Old Batumi • Batumi Boulevard • Batumi Botanical Garden • Dolphinarium • Piazza Batumi • "Argo" Entertainment Center and Batumi Cable Car • Gonio Fortress • Makhuntseti Waterfall • Skhalta MonasteryMtirala National Park
Akhaltsikhe Rabati CastleAtskuri FortressSapara MonasteryVardzia (cave town) • KhertvisiGeorgian National Astrophysical Observatory • Akhaltsikhe Synagogue
Kvareli Kindzmarauli vineyard • Khareba vineyard • Ilia Lake resort • House-Museum of Ilia Chavchavadze • Kvareli Fortress
Sighnaghi Town Streets, Museum of Sighnaghi • St. Stephen Church • Wineries • Bodbe Monastery
Gudauri SkiingParaglidingHeli-skiingSpeedridingSnowboarding • Ski school
Bakuriani SkiingSnowboarding • Recreation • Bakuriani Park • Snowmobiling
Tetnuldi SkiingMountaineering
Goderdzi SkiingSnowboardingFreeriding


Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and winemaking is deeply ingrained in the culture of the country.[17] The oldest archaeological remains related to grape seeds and winemaking dating back 8,000 years have been found in Georgia, while today the country has over 500 varieties of grape.[17] Georgia has 19 appellations of origin of wines, they are: Tsinandali, Napareuli, Atenuri, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Mukuzani, Khvanchkara and etc.[18]


41% of Georgia's territory is covered by forests, with 25% of Georgia's territory lying within protected national parks.[19] Protected areas of Georgia offer various services including: boating tours, birdwatching, eco-educational tours,[20] hiking, horse riding, biking,[21] safari tours,[22] sport fishing.[23] Georgia is a home to about 5,601 species of animals, including 648 species of vertebrates (more than 1% of the species found worldwide) and many of these species are endemics.[24]

In 2016, 310,477 foreign and 424,397 Georgian citizens visited the Protected Areas of Georgia.[25] The most popular attractions were Prometheus Cave, Kazbegi National Park and Sataplia Managed Reserve.[5]


A travel advisory was in place during and after the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. It had the severity level of "extreme danger", due to the risks associated with fallout from the war, including land mines.[26][27]

Since then tourist safety has improved, and in 2017 the International Crime Index ranked Georgia as the 7th safest country out of the 125 in its index.[28]

Practical information

Georgia uses the standard Europlug (220 V, 50 Hz), the international dialing prefix is +995, it uses the metric system, and its currency is the lari (GEL or ₾).[26]

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