Toto Looks for a Wife

Toto Looks for a Wife (Italian: Totò cerca moglie) is a 1950 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia and starring Totò, Ave Ninchi and Marisa Merlini.[1]

Toto Looks for a Wife
Directed byCarlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Written byAgenore Incrocci
Sandro Continenza
Furio Scarpelli
Vittorio Metz
Ave Ninchi
Aroldo Tieri
Music byFranco Colosimo
Amedeo Escobar
Italia Savona
CinematographyMario Albertelli
Edited byRenato Cinquini
Forum Film
Distributed byVariety Film
Release date
15 March 1950
Running time
76 minutes

The film's art direction was by Alberto Boccianti.


In 1950 in Australia Aunt Agatha writes to Toto, informing him not to send him in Italy even a penny until he is married. Toto is in fact a great bachelor who dabbles in sculpture and live in luxury with the money of her aunt. Now Toto is threatened and forced to be with a woman just because Aunt would soon come to Rome to meet the new couple. Thanks to a friend (Aroldo Tieri) Toto is helped but the women that gives him are horrible or are already ammogliate, which causes many misunderstandings. At the end bull is mistaken for a delinquent because of mistaken identity and misunderstanding continues when they come into the house of Toto's aunt and the new "wife", or a woman who is made to pay for pretending to be his wife Toto.



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