Torneo Argentino A

The Torneo Argentino A (in English "Argentine A Tournament") was one of the two leagues that form the regionalised third level of the Argentine football league system. Clubs in the Torneo Argentino have indirect membership in AFA, while clubs in the Primera B Metropolitana (the other third division) have direct membership in AFA. All teams with indirect membership are from outside the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires), while most of the direct members are from the aforementioned area.

Torneo Argentino A
Organising bodyAFA
Folded2014 (2014)
Country Argentina
Number of teams24 (2014)
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toPrimera B Nacional
Relegation toTorneo Argentino B
Domestic cup(s)Copa Argentina
Last championsSantamarina
Most championshipsJuventud Antoniana
Racing (C)
Independiente Rivadavia
(2 titles each)
WebsiteOfficlal webpage
2013–14 season

Final format (2013-14)

First stage

The teams were divided into two zones, North and South, all of which went to the Second Stage: the first four of each zone and the fifth best team of both zones qualified to the "Nonagonal Final", and the other teams qualified to Revalida Stage. All teams play each other in a round-robin tournament.

Second stage

Nonagonal Final

Consisted of nine teams that qualified from the First Stage. The tournament winner was promoted to the 2014 Primera B Nacional. The 2nd and 3rd teams advanced directly to the Fourth Stage, while the 4th to the 9th advanced to the Third Stage.

"Revalida Stage"

The fifteen clubs that did not qualify for the Nonagonal Final were grouped into three zones of five teams each. To integrate the zones a table was drawn with the fifteen clubs and its overall standings with points obtained in the First Stage. Teams in position 1,6,7,12,15 went to Zone A; teams in position 2,5,8,11,14 went to Zone B and teams in position 3,4,9,10,13 went to Zone C. The 1st and the 2nd of each zone qualified to the Third Stage.

Third to Sixth Stage

Was played by the teams ranked 2nd to 9th in the Nonagonal Final and the teams that qualified from Revalida Stage. To order the matches a table was drawn which contained the teams from the Nonagonal Final and the teams from the Revalida numbering them from 2º to 15º (teams from Nonagonal Final were 2º to 9º and teams from Revalida were 10º to º15).

Third stage

This Stage was played by the teams ranked 4º to 9º from the Nonagonal Final and the teams from the Revalida. The winning teams qualify for Fourth Stage. In case of a tie of points and goal difference, the teams from position 4º to 9º qualified to the next stage.

Fourth stage

This Stage was played by the teams ranked 2º and 3º from the Nonagonal Final and the teams that qualified from the Third Stage. In case of a tie points and goal difference, the teams from position 2º, 3º, W1 and W2 qualified to the next stage.

Fifth stage

This Stage was played by the teams that qualified from the Fourth Stage. The matches will be W1 vs W4 and W2 vs W3. In case of a tie points and goal difference, W1 and W2 qualified for the next stage.

Sixth stage

This Stage was played by the teams that qualified from the Fifth Stage, W1 vs W2. The winning team will be promoted to 2014 Primera B Nacional. In case of a tie points and goal difference, W1 was promoted.


After the Revalida Stage a table was drawn up with the addition of points of the First Stage and Revalida Stage. The teams that were located in the last position of each of the tables was relegated to 2014 Torneo Federal A.

List of champions

Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
1995–96Juventud AntonianaCipollettiNo Third-place awarded
1996–97Almirante Brown (A)
San Martín (M)
No Second-place awardedNo Third-place awarded
1997–98Gimnasia y Esgrima (CdU)
Juventud Antoniana
No Second-place awardedNo Third-place awarded
1998–99Independiente Rivadavia
Racing (C)
No Second-place awardedNo Third-place awarded
1999–00General Paz JuniorsHuracán (TA)Ben Hur
2000–01Huracán (TA)Gimnasia y TiroJuventud Alianza
2001–02CAIÑuñorcoBen Hur
2002–03Tiro FederalRacing (C)No Third-place awarded
2003–04Racing (C)Atlético TucumánNo Third-place awarded
2004–05Ben HurAldosiviLuján (C)
2005–06Villa MitreSan Martín (T)No Third-place awarded
2006–07Independiente RivadaviaGuillermo BrownNo Third-place awarded
2007–08Atlético TucumánRacing (C)No Third-place awarded
2008–09Boca UnidosPatronatoNo Third-place awarded
Unión (S)
2010–11Guillermo BrownDesamparadosSportivo Belgrano
2011–12Douglas HaigCrucero del NorteSportivo Belgrano
2012–13Talleres (C)Sportivo BelgranoSantamarina
2013–14SantamarinaGuaraní Antonio FrancoJuventud Unida Universitario

Titles by club

Team Titles Years won
Juventud Antoniana21995–96, 1997–98
Racing (C)21998–99, 2003–04
Independiente Rivadavia21998–99, 2006–07
Almirante Brown (A)11996–97
San Martín (M)11996–97
Gimnasia y Esgrima (CdU)11997–98
General Paz Juniors11999–00
Huracán (TA)12000–01
Tiro Federal12002–03
Ben Hur12004–05
Villa Mitre12005–06
Atlético Tucumán12007–08
Boca Unidos12008–09
Guillermo Brown12010–11
Douglas Haig12011–12
Talleres (C)12012–13

Seasons in Torneo Argentino A

Club/s Seasons
Cipolletti, Juventud Unida Univ.13
Gimnasia y Esgrima (CdU), Villa Mitre12
Ben Hur, Racing (C)11
Desamparados, Douglas Haig, General Paz Juniors, Guillermo Brown (M), Juventud Antoniana10
Estudiantes (RC), Independiente Rivadavia, Ñuñorco, Patronato, Unión (S)9
9 de Julio (R), CAI, Central Córdoba (SdE), Gimnasia y Tiro, Huracán (TA), Juventud Alianza, Luján de Cuyo, Rivadavia (L), Santamarina, Tiro Federal (R)8
Alumni (VM), Central Norte, Huracán (SR), Libertad (S), Talleres (P)7
Aldosivi, Atlético Tucumán, Cultural Argentino, Deportivo Maipú, General Belgrano6
13 de Junio (Pirané), Alvarado, Juventud (P), La Florida, San Martín (T), Unión (MdP)5
Dep. Barraca (Paso de los Libres), Gimnasia y Esgrima (M), Racing (O), Sportivo Belgrano, Talleres (C)4
Almirante Brown (A), Chaco For Ever, Concepción Fútbol Club, Crucero del Norte, Defensores de Belgrano (VR), Deportivo Patagones, Ferrocarril (Concordia), Guaraní Antonio Franco, Huracán Corrientes, La Plata, Real Arroyo Seco, San Martín (M), San Martín (Monte Comán), Sportivo Patria3
Atlético Candelaria, Boca Unidos, Germinal (Rawson), Grupo Universitario, Liniers (BB), San Jorge (T), San Martín (Formosa), Unión (SdE)2
Andino (LR), Deportivo Roca, Estación Quequén, Estudiantes (SL), Ex Alumnos Escuela N° 185, Huracán (CR), Independiente de Villa Obrera, Juventud Unida (G), Mataderos (Necochea), Olimpo, Rosario Puerto Belgrano, Unión (Villa Krause), Villa Cubas (Catamarca)1
  • Note: 19 seasons in total, from season 1995–96 to 2013–14 inclusive.

Top scorers

Top Scorers by Tournament

Season Player Team Goals
2005-06 Adrián ArandaDouglas Haig21
2006-07 Gustavo RivadeneiraSantamarina14
2007-08 Claudio SarríaAtlético Tucumán21
2008-09 Cristian NúñezBoca Unidos21
2009-10 Diego JaraPatronato26
2010-11 Gonzalo KlusenerUnión (MdP)21
2011-12 Juan M. ArósteguiSportivo Belgrano24
2012-13 Gonzalo KlusenerTalleres (C)25
2013-14 Fernando ZampedriGuillermo Brown (PM)22
Preceded by
Torneo del Interior
Torneo Argentino A
Succeeded by
Torneo Federal A
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