Tolor (quiver)

Tolor or Telenga is a traditional quiver in which the Dayak hunters carry the poisonous darts for Sumpit (blow-pipe), originating from Borneo.[1]

A Tolor, pre-1887.
Place of originBorneo (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia)
Service history
Used byDayak people


The Tolor is made of a piece of bamboo. Among its myriad uses, bamboo makes an excellent cylindrical container. This bamboo quiver was made to carry the slender darts for a Dayak hunter's blowpipe. As these darts were often treated with plant poison, they had to be carefully protected.[2] A partition between the segments forms the bottom. The lid is likewise made of a similar piece of which a partition forms the upper part, or is made of wood in the form of a cone or a semi-circular upper side. A wooden girdle hook is attached to the quiver by means of woven strips of rattan.[3] The forked stick bound with plaited rattan to the base of the quiver was hooked through the hunter's belt for carrying.

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