Tokyo West International School

Tokyo West International School is an international kindergarten, elementary and middle school in Hachioji (Western Tokyo), Japan.

Tokyo West International School
185 Umetsubo-machi

Hachioji 192-0013
Head of SchoolMorten Vatn
GradesPre School - Grade 7
Color(s)Blue, White
WebsiteTokyo West International School Website


The school was established in April 2010 in the city of Hachioji by Yoshinori Kato. Its creation arose from the need to cater for students graduating from Kunitachi Kids International School, in Kunitachi, Tokyo.

The first campus was in Shibazaki. There were 12 students in the first elementary class. The following year, the campus moved to Sunagawa, and added the 2nd and 3rd grades to the school's elementary division. In 2013, the Sunagawa campus was moved to Hachioji, the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes were moved there while the new main building was under construction. In 2014, all the elementary school students moved to Hachioji campus. Then 2015, all Tokyo West International School students moved to the new Hachioji main campus.

In April 2018, TWIS had 220 students. 60% percent were Japanese and the rest were from 14 other countries. In April 2019, TWIS had 180 students. Most of the non-Japanese were children of servicemembers.

The school is composed of a kindergarten, an elementary school and a middle school : 12 classes spanning from K-2 to Grade 9. The staff is composed of 20 homeroom teachers and 8 specialist teachers (Japanese, Music and Physical Education).


The school's facilities currently include 12 classrooms, a library, a science room, a music room, an outdoor swimming pool, a deck with table tennis, an outdoor playground (covered with artificial turf), an indoor gymnasium as well as a futsal court on the rooftop.


Tokyo West International School is accredited by the AdvancED and is presently going through the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation procedure.


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