Tokoro Curling Club

The Tokoro Curling Club (常呂カーリング倶楽部) is a curling club in Tokoro Town, Kitami City, Hokkaido Island, Japan. The club has about 40 teams, including a team "Loco Solare" (ロコ・ソラーレ).

Tokoro Curling Club
LocationTokoro, Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan
ArenaAdvics Tokoro Curling Hall
Public hall held by Kitami City
44°07′17″N 144°03′22″E
Host club
  • Kitami Curling Association
EstablishedMay 2, 2007 (2007-05-02)[1]
Club typeNonprofit organization
Sheets of ice6
Rock coloursRed and yellow         
WebsiteTokoro Curling Club (in Japanese)


Hokkaido Island, Japan and Alberta, Canada became sister province in 1980.[2] Then, curling was introduced to Tokoro Town as an outdoor recreation while farmers could not work in winter, and has been popular sport among people in Tokoro. In 1981, lessons are held by former world champion curler Wally Ursuliak.[3] The administration of Tokoro Town, later Kitami City, built public indoor curling facility in 1988, which is rebuilt as Advics Tokoro Curling Hall in 2013.[4] But major sponsor does not exist in Tokoro because it is a small local town. As the result, famous curlers born in Tokoro has gone to other prefectures in Japan.

Loco Solare

Loco Solare a.k.a. LS Kitami
ロコ・ソラーレ a.k.a. LS北見
We win the victory with smile ☺️
LocationTokoro, Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan
ArenaAdvics Tokoro Curling Hall
Host club
  • Tokoro Curling Club
  • Kitami Curling Association
EstablishedJuly 2010 (9 years, 4 months)
Founder(s)Mari Motohashi
Club typeIndependent and multi-sponsored (in Japanese)
International medals
Women's curling
Representing Japan
Olympic Games
2018 Pyeongchang
World Championships
2016 Swift Current
Pacific-Asia Championships
2015 Almaty
2017 Erina
2016 Uiseong
Asian Winter Games
2017 Sapporo

"Loco Solare" (ロコ・ソラーレ), also known as the LS Kitami (LS北見), is a women's amateur curling team established in July 2010 by Olympian curler Mari Motohashi. The team is based in, and all the members are from Kitami City. The team got bronze medals at PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.[5]


Mari Motohashi, who was an Olympian at Trino 2006 and at Vancouver 2010 as a member of Team Aomori,[6] had also been one of such curlers. She thought why curlers born in Tokoro could not stay in the town. In the Summer of 2010, she asked two former curlers once retired, Megumi Mabuchi and Akane Eda, and two student curlers Yurika Yoshida[7] and Yumi Suzuki,[8] to join her rink named "Loco Solare," also known as "LS Kitami." At the press conference in Tokyo on 16 August 2010, she announced leaving Japanese national representative Team Aomori to establish her own rink in Tokoro.[9] It was hard to find big sponsor in Kitami City, but small ones increased slowly. But in September 2013, Eda left the team because she could not kept the balance of curling and her work pastry chef.[10]

In June 2014, Sochi 2014 Olympian as alternate; Chinami Yoshida[11] joined the team.[12] In the season of 2014–15, the team got their first winning prize at the World Curling Tour event; Avonair Cash Spiel.[13] In May 2015, Satsuki Fujisawa[14] joined the team.[12] After Fujisawa became the member, Mabuchi retired from games, but the team got medals as Japanese representative in various tournaments every year. In 2015, while Motohashi had maternity leave,[6] Kotomi Ishizaki appeared at Pacific-Asia Championships as alternate.[15]


In September 2017, this amateur team won the five set match at 2017 Japanese Olympic Curling Trials against team Chiaki Matsumura.[16][17] At PyeongChang 2018, the team got bronze medals.[18][19]


Mari Motohashi
(本橋 麻里)
Captain &
2010Office worker (1986-06-10) 10 June 198621[6]Right
Megumi Mabuchi
(馬渕 恵)
& support staff
2010(Retired: Mar. 2015)[10] Social worker (1983-07-06) 6 July 1983Right
Akane Eda
(江田 茜)
2010Sep. 2013[10]Pastry chef (1989-07-07) 7 July 1989Right
Yurika Yoshida
(吉田 夕梨花)
Lead2010Office worker (1993-07-07) 7 July 199321[12]Right
Yūmi Suzuki
(鈴木 夕湖)
Second2010Office worker (1991-12-02) 2 December 199119[12]Right
Chinami Yoshida
(吉田 知那美)
Third &
Vice skip
2014Office worker (1991-07-26) 26 July 199121[12]Right
Satsuki Fujisawa
(藤澤 五月)
Skip2015Office worker (1991-05-24) 24 May 199123[12]Right
Ryoji Onodera
(小野寺 亮二)
Coach2010Farmer (1960-12-13) 13 December 1960
Junichi Kaizuka
(貝塚 純一)
Trainer20102015Physical therapist
Tatsuya Omori
(大森 達也)
Chief trainer2014Physical therapist
& Athletic trainer
(1973-10-03) 3 October 1973
Rentaro Suzuki
(鈴木 廉太郎)
TrainerPhysical therapist
& Athletic trainer
(1986-12-05) 5 December 1986


SeasonSkipThirdSecondLead AlternateNational
2010–11 Mari MotohashiYurika YoshidaMegumi MabuchiAkane EdaYumi Suzuki
2011–12Mari MotohashiMegumi MabuchiYumi SuzukiAkane EdaYurika Yoshida 265[31][32]
2012–13Mari MotohashiYurika YoshidaMegumi MabuchiYumi Suzuki(Akane Eda) 171[33][34]
2013–14Mari MotohashiYurika YoshidaYumi SuzukiMegumi Mabuchi 155[35][36]
2014–15Mari MotohashiChinami YoshidaYumi SuzukiYurika Yoshida(Megumi Mabuchi) 52[37][38]
2015–16 Satsuki FujisawaChinami YoshidaYumi SuzukiYurika Yoshida Kotomi Ishizaki PCC[39] 20[15][40]
Mari Motohashi WCC[41]
2016–17Satsuki FujisawaChinami YoshidaMari MotohashiYurika YoshidaYumi Suzuki PCC[42]
2017–18Satsuki FujisawaChinami YoshidaYumi SuzukiYurika YoshidaMari Motohashi PCC[46]

Grand Slam record

C Champion
F Lost in Final
SF Lost in Semifinal
QF Lost in Quarterfinals
R16 Lost in the round of 16
Q Did not advance to playoffs
T2 Played in Tier 2 event
DNP Did not participate in event
N/A Not a Grand Slam event that season
Event '14–15 '15–16 '16–17 '17–18
Tour Challenge N/A DNP DNP DNP
The National N/A DNP DNP DNP
Canadian Open DNP DNP DNP DNP
Players' DNP DNP DNP QF[50]
Champions Cup N/A Q[51] DNP Q[52]

Former events

Event '14–15
Autumn Gold Q[53]

Other notable WCT record

World Curling Tour records other than Grand Slam.

Winner2014–15 Avonair Cash Spiel [54]
Runner-up2015–16 International Crown of Curling [55]
Runner-up2015–16 Karuizawa International [56]
Runner-up2015–16 World Women's Curling Championship [57]
Runner-up2016–17 International Crown of Curling [58]
Runner-up2017–18 Red Deer Curling Classic [59]


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