Toby McTeague

Toby McTeague is a 1986 Canadian children's action-adventure drama film directed by Jean-Claude Lord.[1] It stars Yannick Bisson as Toby McTeague, a teenager training to compete in a dog sled race.[2]

Toby McTeague
DVD cover
Directed byJean-Claude Lord
Produced byNicolas Clermont
Written byJeff Maguire
Jamie Brown
Djordje Milicevic
StarringYannick Bisson
Winston Rekert
Andrew Bednarski
Rich Trelford
Edited byYves Langlois
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
96 minutes

The film was shot primarily in the small town of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, Quebec.[3]

The film received two Genie Award nominations at the 8th Genie Awards in 1987, for Best Cinematography (René Verzier) and Best Original Song ("Cold As Ice" by Peter Pringle and Kevin Hunter).[4] A minor controversy resulted when the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television mistakenly omitted "Cold As Ice" from the first ballots sent out to Academy voters.[5]


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