Tjako van Schie

Tjako van Schie (born April 17, 1961 in Coevorden) is a Dutch pianist and composer. He is a répétiteur at the Amsterdam Conservatory.[1]

Tjako van Schie
Tjako van Schie
BornApril 17, 1961 (1961-04-17) (age 58)
Coevorden, Netherlands
OccupationDutch composer, pianist and répétiteur


Since 1999 Van Schie has been working as a host professor at the conservatory of Porto (Portugal).[2] In 2001 he toured the People's Republic of China.[3][4][5] In the same year he toured in the Netherlands and in Portugal with the Orquestra Portuguesa de Saxofones, also known as Vento do Norte.[6]

Van Schie also composes music[7][8][9][10] as well as rearranges music.[11][12] He wrote music for all kinds of musical ensembles, as well as rewritten old music. For example: he rewrote compositions of Robert Schumann to be performed by piano and saxophone ensemble.

In 2012 he played the piano for singer and soap actress Jette van der Meij.[13]

Van Schie was educated at the Zwolle conservatory, after which he attended several master classes, among others at the New York pianist Jacob Lateiner.


  • CD: The Goldberg Variations BWV 988 of Johann Sebastian Bach (1991)[14]
  • "Koninginnedagconcert" - CMK, with The Coevorder Mannenkoor (1991)
  • "Overijssel Zingt" (double cd) - MIRASOUND, with various Overijssel choirs (1993)
  • CD: Shtil di nakht iz oysgeshternt (The silent night is filled with stars) - Yiddish music from the ghetto's and concentration camps, 1995, EMI, newly re-edited by EMI in 2005: Tjako van Schie - piano & Adriaan Stoet - violin
  • CD: Water bron van leven, 1998, compositions for piano by different composers about the 'water theme', with 4 compositions of his own and a piano solo version of Bedřich Smetana's The Moldau from Má Vlast
  • "Akoestisch signaal" - MIRASOUND, with the Dutch Police Choir of Drenthe (1996)
  • "Shtil di nakht iz oysgeshternt" - EMI, re-edition (2005)
  • "Die Geigen, ja die Geigen!" - GILL/Sony, various composers (Adriaan Stoet-violin & Tjako van Schie-piano) (2008)
  • "A Bag of Music" - Saxunlimited, 3 cd box (cd 1: "Vocalise", cd 2: "Petite Fleur", cd 3: "Wonderful World") with bariton saxophone player Henk van Twillert (2011)


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