Tiny Tony

Tiny Tony is a Filipino comic book character created by Mars Ravelo and illustrated by Jim Fernandez.

Tiny Tony
Tiny Tony fighting a snake
Publication information
Created byMars Ravelo
In-story information
Alter egoAnthony Aniscol
SpeciesHuman mutate
AbilitiesLeading authority in myrmecology research, Size-shifting from nearly microscopic to ~100 feet gigantic (both at extremes), Maintains strength of normal size in shrunken state, Bio-Energy Projection, also known as a Bio-Sting, Superhuman strength and agility

Fictional Biography

Tony was a Biochemistry professor working with his fiancee's father on a serum that can alter the distance of atoms. Tony had just tested the serum on himself, when criminals burst in looking to steal the formula. They killed his fiancee's father, but fled empty handed. Using his new size to his advantage, Tony tracked them down and apprehended them.[1]

Tiny Tony was shrunk to inches and have a strength 5 times more powerful than a normal human.

In other media

The 2009 television series Komiks Presents: Tiny Tony stars John Prats.

Tiny Tony is a Philippine fantasy series on ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. It's the third installment of the anthology Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents. It is directed by Dondon Santos. It is based on Mars Ravelo's Pinoy superheroes and follows the success of the Kapitan Boom and Varga series.[2] The Ravelos commissioned Reno Maniquis some years back to re-design Captain Barbell, Flash Bomba and Tiny Tony's costumes for modern times.[3]

Anthony “Tony” Aniscol (John Prats) was singlehandedly raised by his Nanay Eden (Susan Africa). Because of his superior intelligence, Tony got his PhD at a young age and was taken in by scientist Dr. Morgan Peralta (Pen Medina) as a laboratory assistant. While Tony becomes friends with Dr. Morgan’s daughter Michelle (Alex Gonzaga), he is despised by the doctor’s son Joaquin (Coco Martin).

After a laboratory accident kills Dr. Morgan, Tony finds himself shrunk to a mere six inches. While he struggles to get back to normal, Tony must face enemies like the Indian Warrior Red Cloud (Arron Villaflor) and the greedy Joaquin. Can Tony get himself out of trouble? Will he ever get back to his Nanay Eden and Michelle? How is the rich philanthropist-politician Gil Gante (Mura) connected to his predicament?[4][5]

Collected editions

TitleMaterial collected
Tiny Tony Pinoy Komiks Magasin (1965-1966) #23; #88 (September 22, 1966)

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