Tintin and the Temple of the Sun

Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (original title Tintin et le temple du soleil) is a 1969 animated film produced by Belvision Studios. A co-production between Belgium, France and Switzerland, it is an adaptation of Hergé's two-part Tintin adventure The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun.

Tintin and the Temple of the Sun
Directed byEddie Lateste
Produced byRaymond Leblanc
Written byHergé
Eddie Lateste
Jos Marissen
László Molnár
Michel Régnier
Music byFrançois Rauber
CinematographyFrançois Léonard
Edited byLászló Molnár
Release date
  • 13 December 1969 (1969-12-13) (France)
Running time
77 minutes


Coming after the success of the Belvision cartoon series, Hergé's Adventures of Tintin, there was a lot of publicity for the movie (which was the first of two animated films, the second being 1972's Tintin and the Lake of Sharks).


Tintin travels to Peru to rescue some archaeologists from an old Inca curse. Many scenes from the source books are deleted; in fact the whole of The Seven Crystal Balls is condensed into twenty minutes of film. Events were changed and some are added. For example, the Prince of the Sun's daughter is introduced, who tries to beg her father to spare the prisoners (and likes Zorrino). Also, Thomson and Thompson accompany Tintin and Captain Haddock on their quest to rescue Professor Calculus, whereas in the books their only role is attempting to use dowsing in order to find Tintin and his friends (and their arrival in the Incan village delays the planned execution).

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