Time in Turkey

Time in Turkey is given by UTC+03:00 year-round. This time is also called Turkey Time (TRT) or Türkiye Saati İle (TSİ).[1] The time is currently same as in the Arabia Standard Time, Further-eastern European Time and Moscow Time zone. Turkey Time was adopted by the Turkish government on September 8, 2016.[2] It was also in use in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus[3] until it reverted to EET in October 2017.[4]


Until 2016, Turkey was using Eastern European Time (EET) in the winter (UTC+02:00) and Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) (UTC+03:00) during the summer.[5] The date for transition between standard time and daylight saving time generally followed EU rules, but had variations in some years. In 2016, the decision to stay on UTC+03:00 year-round was enacted.[6] In October 2017, the Turkish government announced that starting October 28, 2018, the country would revert to EET[7], but this decision was reversed in November 2017.[8] In October 2018, a Presidential decree announced that UTC+03:00 would remain the year-round permanent time zone for the country.[9]


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