Time in Hawaii

Hawaii is located in the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone and does not observe daylight saving time.

Effects of standard time on television broadcasting

Most cable providers in Hawaii carry the west coast feed of television networks, though since Hawaii doesn't use daylight saving time, all programs air three hours earlier than what they were advertised as for a majority of the year. Even when the rest of the country is on standard time, programs air two hours earlier. So from November to March, programs advertised as airing at 8:00 really air at 6:00 in Hawaii. And from March to November, a program advertised as airing at 8:00 will air at 5:00.

IANA time zone database

The zone for Hawaii as given by zone.tab of the IANA time zone database. Columns marked * are from the zone.tab.

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note

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