Three from St Cyr

Three from St Cyr (French: Trois de St Cyr) is a 1939 French adventure film directed by Jean-Paul Paulin and starring Roland Toutain, Jean Mercanton and Jean Chevrier. It was part of a group of big budget war and spy stories made at the time, which enjoyed box office success in the period just before the Second World War broke out.[1]

Three from St Cyr
Directed byJean-Paul Paulin
Written byGérard Carlier
Paul Fékété
StarringRoland Toutain
Jean Mercanton
Jean Chevrier
Music byPierre Dupont
Marceau Van Hoorebecke
CinematographyMarcel Lucien
Edited byJean Feyte
André Versein
Productions Calamy
Distributed bySEDIF
Release date
1 February 1939
Running time
97 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art director Pierre Schild.


Three graduates of the French military academy at St Cyr are posted to Syria where they become involved in the fight against rebels.



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