Three Wishes (Singaporean TV series)

Three Wishes (Chinese: 三个愿望) is a Singaporean family mystery drama produced by production company Wawa Pictures and telecast on MediaCorp Channel 8. The show aired at 9 pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8 am the following day. The drama began production in June 2014 and made its debut on 27 October that year. This serial marked the return of acclaimed veteran actress Huang Biren, who was last seen in Mars vs Venus in 2007,[1] the fifth Wawa production featuring Thomas Ong, and Apple Hong's 2014 drama series after Joys of Life in 2012. It is also the fourth Wawa production to be aired on Channel 8 after Disclosed, and the 11th Wawa production overall.

Three Wishes
Written byMolby Low 刘健财
Ho Hee Ann 何启安
Wong Lee Lyn 黄丽琳
Han Yew Kwang 韩耀光
Directed byChen Yi You 陈忆幼
Canter Chia 谢光华
StarringThomas Ong
Huang Biren
Zhu Houren
Jin Yinji
Julie Tan
Shane Pow
Opening theme稳稳的幸福 by Eason Chan
Ending theme1) 我看见的世界 by Where Chou
2) 因爱 by Estella Seah & Julie Tan
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Mandarin, with English subtitles
No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Molby Low 刘健财
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Production company(s)Wawa Pictures
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Picture format16:9 Widescreen
Original release27 October 
21 November 2014
Preceded byAgainst The Tide
Followed byThe Journey: Tumultuous Times
Related showsThree Little Wishes
Fire Up
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Audience reception to the drama has been largely favourable, with the viewership breaking the 1 million mark on its debut episode, a phenomenon rarely seen in local dramas,[2] and was the fourth series at 9 pm after Soup of Life, C.L.I.F. 3 and Blessings to break the 1 million mark.

The show topped the viewership charts of MediaCorp Channel 8 dramas for that year,[3][4] with an average viewership of 1.04 million viewers each night, with the finale episode drawing more than 1.1 million viewers.[5] It is also the most watched Channel 8-Wawa production to date.


Zhao Yaozong (Thomas Ong), is a middle-aged man who works as an assistant horse trainer. He loved horses since he was a kid and trained hard through the years to realise his dream of becoming a champion horse trainer. His mentor was retiring and he thought that his chance had finally come only to see the place snatched away by a foreign horse trainer, Enlai. Enlai became his superior and proposed many changes. Yaozong was afraid of inviting trouble and slogged his guts out but still didn't meet the expectations of his boss.

Yaozong has three children. The eldest son, Zhao Youting (Shane Pow), is working as a gym instructor after his graduation. His daughter, Zhao Xiaomin (Julie Tan), who is still schooling, dreams of becoming a singer one day. His youngest son, Zhao Chenglong (Tan Junsheng), is facing the stress of PSLE. Yaozong is being bullied at work but puts up a front in front of his family to maintain his integrity of being a father figure. Deep inside, he feels terrible but he puts on a brave smile everyday just so he doesn't lose the respect of his family.

Yaozong meets a mysterious old woman who sells tissue paper. She wants to give him 3 wishes for him to fulfil what his heart desires. He does not believe her. Nevertheless, she leaves him with 3 coins for his wishes.

Enlai wants to force Yaozong to resign. He speaks behind his back and makes things difficult for him. Yaozong does not want to lose this job and be separated from his precious horses. He thought of the old woman and the 3 wishes. Although still sceptical, he decided to make a wish.

A miracle happens. Yaozong manages to complete an almost impossible task and is praised by the horse owner. He starts to grow in confidence. Xiaomin meets with an accident while chasing her idol and is trapped in the car. Her family realises she is missing and searches for her frantically. Yaozong decides to use his second wish and they rescue Xiaomin to safety.

Yaozong thinks that life has changed for the better, until he finds out that his wife, Zeng Shanmei (Huang Biren), has contracted a terminal illness. He tells her not to worry as he will use his last wish on her. He tells her all about the 3 wishes and the mysterious old woman. To his surprise, Shanmei tells him that she had arranged all these to give him confidence. She bribed the old woman to lie to Yaozong. She knew she had this illness all along but did not want him to worry. She thought of this plan, hoping that Yaozong and the family can continue living comfortably after she passes on.

Yaozong is devastated to learn that his 3 wishes were fake. Nevertheless, he uses the third wish coin to wish that Shanmei will be cured. Miraculously, his wish came true. After Shanmei recovers, she wants him to believe that the miracles were not caused by pure luck so she arranges for him and the old woman to meet. When they eventually meet, Yaozong exclaims that the wishes were true! The old woman that Shanmei arranged to meet was not the one that Yaozong met in the park that night.

When the mysterious old woman appears in front of Yaozong again, he gets greedy and request for 3 more wishes. She tells him that the previous 3 were given without asking for anything in return. However, if he were to ask for more wishes, the next 3 wishes will be granted in exchange for something else. The greater his wish, the greater the price he will have to pay. Nonetheless, he insists on getting the 3 wishes.

What price is Yaozong's family willing to pay for the wishes? Will Yaozong's family succeed in breaking this curse or be stuck in this never-ending chain reaction of unfortunate events?


Main cast

CastRoleDescriptionEpisodes Appeared
Thomas Ong
Zhao Yaozong 赵耀宗Zeng Shanmei's husband
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's eldest son
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's father
Zhao Yaozu's elder brother
Winnie Guo and Volunteer Lin's father-in-law
Anna's brother-in-law
Ex-assistant horse trainer
Received three wishing coins from Granny, three more after he used up the first three.
Used the first wishing coin to get his job at the stable back.
Used the second wishing coin to save Zhao Xiaomin from being trapped in her idol's car boot.
Used the third wishing coin to save Zeng Shanmei from a terminal disease.
Used the fourth wishing coin to ensure a windfall. Zhao Xiaomin lost her two legs in return for his wish.
Used the fifth wishing coin to save Zhao Haiguang when he was pronounced brain-dead. Yaozong got amnesia as a result of his wish and his memory was limited to that of below 10 years old.
Did not use the last coin. He would die if it was used.
Younger version played by Ivan Lo
Huang Biren
Zeng Shanmei 曾善美Zhao Yaozong's wife
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's mother
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's daughter-in-law
Winnie Guo and Volunteer Lin's mother-in-law
Zhao Yaozu and Anna's sister-in-law
Huijing's friend
Zhu Houren
Zhao Haiguang 赵海光Yang Bamei's husband
Zhao Yaozong and Zhao Yaozu's father
Zeng Shanmei and Anna's father-in-law
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's grandfather
Cai Hua's friend
Jin Yinji
Yang Bamei 杨八妹Zhao Haiguang's wife
Zhao Yaozong and Zhao Yaozu's mother
Zeng Shanmei and Anna's mother-in-law
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's grandmother
Julie Tan
Zhao Xiaomin 赵晓敏Zhao Yaozong and Zeng Shanmei's daughter
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's granddaughter
Zhao Youting's younger sister
Zhao Chenglong's elder sister
Zhao Yaozu's niece
Volunteer Lin's fiancee
Winnie Guo's sister-in-law
Junhao's ex-girlfriend
Shane Pow
Zhao Youting 赵佑庭Winnie Guo's husband
Zhao Yaozong and Zeng Shanmei's eldest son
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's grandson
Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's elder brother
Zhao Yaozu's nephew
Volunteer Lin's brother-in-law
1 – 16, 20
Tan Junsheng
Zhao Chenglong 赵成龙Zhao Yaozong and Zeng Shanmei's youngest son
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's grandson
Zhao Youting and Zhao Xiaomin younger brother

Supporting cast

CastRoleDescriptionEpisodes Appeared
Yao Wenlong
Zhao Yaozu 赵耀祖 Supporting Villain
Anna's husband
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's youngest son
Zhao Yaozong's younger brother
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's paternal uncle
Zeng Shanmei's brother-in-law
Younger version played by Li Hong
Apple Hong
Anna 安娜Main Villain
Zhao Yaozu's wife
Zhao Haiguang and Yang Bamei's daughter-in-law
Zhao Yaozong's sister-in-law
Zhao Youting, Zhao Xiaomin and Zhao Chenglong's aunt
Tried many ways to get the wishing coin from Yaozong and Shanmei
Hayley Woo
Winnie GuoGuo Shiming's daughter
Zhao Youting's wife
Jiahao 家豪Dai Enlai 戴恩来Horse Trainer
Dislikes Zhao Yaozhong
Jeffrey Xu
Volunteer Lin 林义工Zhao Xiaomin's fiance
Likes Zhao Xiaomin
Darren Lim
Huijing 辉京Zeng Shanmei's friend
Lawrence WongJunhao 君豪Zhao Xiaomin's ex-boyfriend
Deceived Xiaomin
Wang Yuqing
Guo ShimingWinnie Guo's Father
Zhao Youting's father-in-law
Zhao Yaozong's ex-employer
Li DanCaihua 蔡花Came from China
Ex-beer seller
Zhao Haiguang's friend
Zhu XiufengGranny 纸巾婆婆Main Villain
Gave Zhao Yaozong and the episode 20 guest wishing coins (She gave six wishing coins to Zhao Yaozhong (three each time) and three wishing coins to the guest)
Jesseca Liu
Guest appearance 特别嘉宾It appears that she is the next victim of the Granny as she was given three wishing coins by the Granny, leaving the show in a cliffhanger20


Star Awards 2015

Three Wishes won 1 out of 5 awards in Star Awards 2015, the Top Rated Drama Series for 2014. The Star Awards are presented by Mediacorp.

Star Awards – Acting Awards
Tan Jun Sheng 陈俊生Star Awards 2015 Show 1
红星大奖2015 – 第一场
Young Talent Award 青苹果奖Nominated
N/ATop Rated Drama Serial 最高收视率电视剧Won
Thomas Ong 王沺裁Star Awards 2015 Show 2
红星大奖2015 – 第二场
Best Actor 最佳男主角Nominated
Julie Tan 陈欣淇Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角Nominated
N/ABest Drama Serial 最佳电视剧Nominated
Julie Tan 陈欣淇BottomSlim Sexiest Legs Award 最佳美腿奖Won

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