Three Rivers, Prince Edward Island

Three Rivers is a town within Kings County in Prince Edward Island that was incorporated on September 28, 2018 through an amalgamation of seven municipalities and adjacent unincorporated areas. The municipalities that were amalgamated included two towns Georgetown and Montague and five rural municipalities Brudenell, Cardigan, Lorne Valley, Lower Montague, and Valleyfield.[1]


The sum of the population of the portion of the Town of Three Rivers within the seven former municipalities was 4,519 in Canada's 2016 census, which is down from 4,707 in the 2011 census.[2][3]

Name Former
2016 Census of Population
Change Land area
BrudenellRural municipality1973371 362 +2.5%20.418.2/km2
CardiganRural municipality1954269 332 −19.0%5.1252.5/km2
GeorgetownTown1912555 675 −17.8%1.59349.1/km2
Lorne ValleyRural municipality197895 106 −10.4%17.75.4/km2
Lower MontagueRural municipality1974598 665 −10.1%21.827.4/km2
MontagueTown19171,961 1,895 +3.5%3.16620.6/km2
ValleyfieldRural municipality1974670 672 −0.3%78.68.5/km2
Total former municipalities 4,519 4,707 −4.0% 148.37 30.5/km2


The Town of Three Rivers was governed by an interim council comprising an interim mayor (Merrill Scott) and ten interim councillors. Seven of these interim councillors were the former mayors of the two towns and the five rural municipalities, while the three others were provincially-appointed representatives of the previously unincorporated areas.[1] The first election for a mayor and twelve councillors was held on November 5, 2018,[1] resulting in Edward MacAulay being selected as mayor and Jane King, Alan Munro, Gerard Holland, Ronald Nicholson, Cameron MacLean, David McGrath, Cindy MacLean, Cody Jenkins, Isaac MacIntyre, Debra Johnston, John MacFarlane, Wayne Spin as council members.


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